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SLM Weekly Digest 8-5-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes - an open group of local people trying to keep the marshlands and green spaces of the Lea Valley area as a haven for wildlife and place for people to enjoy nature.  See our websitewww.saveleamarshes.org.uk and to help the cause check out our Shop Page for T-shirts and more ...
News, views and muse this this week includes:
HUSTINGS -  as the European and local elections for 2014 grow nearer, things are "hotting up" on the political front.  SLM is not allied to any one party or indeed to the political system in general but we have felt it important to try and get a response from local politicians on green issues and the welfare of the marshes in particular.  We have had a heart-warming response from local politicians in both Waltham Forest and Hackney - see our website blog for updated information.  Also on this topic, our friends at Hackney Unites and Hackney Renters have organised a Hustings event tomorrow (Friday) 9 May at St. John's Church, Lower Clapton Road, Hackney E5 0PD from 18.30 to 20.00.  Candidates will be on hand to answer your questions, including housing issues and there will also be refreshments and a piano.
MOORINGS & PATHWAY - SLM have written an open letter to the head of the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, Shaun Dawson, objecting to the notification of a pathway to be put in with controversial new moorings by Leyton Marsh.  A reply within a week has been promised.  In the meantime, residents of Hackney at Riverside Close have received a notice dated 1 May with 21 days to respond on the new hoggin path (that's that horrible gravelly stuff to you and me).
TRUST - the LVRPA are advertising for members of their new Trust body to manage the money-making parts of the Lee Valley.  SLM want to see at least one "critical friend for wildlife" on the new body.  If you or anyone you know would be interested to take part see www.visitleevalley.org.uk/trustees 
I HUM -   SLM members have been following up a local complaint about the horrible hum that comes from the Ice Rink (by the way, we hear that a new Ice Rink has been "put on ice", until after the new Trust has been finalised...), planning permission is being checked from what there was in 1982 to what exists now in terms of numbers of generators and associated fencing and housing and what was authorised then.   We suspect that if nothing is done about this now, the future tenants of Essex Wharf will be on the case.  A musical member of SLM says that the noise is in the key of "C" which people who hear sounds as colours, see as red!
EAU DE CANAL -  a dreadful pong has been reported during this week's sunnier period near the Filter Beds.  The Environment Agency has been contacted and we await news of the what the pong is ..
"CHRISTALMIGHTY PALACE" - our friends at Friends of Belair Park have sent us their latest newsletter with mock up pictures of what the area might be in for - see www.friendsofbelairpark.org.uk or their facebook page - support for the campaign welcome.  A "carbuncle" as the Prince of Wales might say.
MEET AT THE BRIDGE - as mentioned in a previous edition of the Weekly Digest - The Mill at Coppermill Lane has joined with Leyton Library to become "The Bridge".  The group are currently looking for new members and volunteers, including key holders, communication officer and committee members and also approaches from the local community on uses for the library meeting room.  those interested should see www.thebridge10@weebly.com or email thebridge10@gmail.com 
GLYSOPHATE HATE - for those of you not tuned in to Radio 4 this morning at 11.00 for "Crossing Continents", do have a listen on the BBC Iplayer. it reports on deaths and illnesses in Argentina where GM crops and Glysophate are used.  SLM have been campaigning to get Glysophate off Hackney streets and the Marshes.
Walthamstow Marshes Events & Activities from May to September -  can now be viewed on www.visitleevalley.org.uk/whatson.
Highlights for May include: a volunteer "Marsh Clean Up" this Saturday 10th May 10.30-1.30; a dawn chorus (not - dawn is actually earlier than this event) walk on Sunday 11th (booking required) and Ranger drop-in on Sunday 25th.  Coming up in June I note that Mark Spencer (a renowned botanist who has done many splendidly knowledgeable and enjoyable walks for the London Wildlife Trust), is doing a walk "Plants of the Marshes" on Sunday 14th June (booking required).  Hmmn, I wonder if he will find anything on Leyton Marshes post Olympic Ghost field?
Beating the Bounds - there has been some "to-ing and fro-ing" about the actual route, trying to observe both reasonable historical accuracy, whilst making it as accessible as possible - however it will be taking place with preparations and traditional willow stripping starting at 12.00 at the Hare & Hounds (Sunday lunch available there), 278 Lea Bridge Road and then the start of the walk proper at 2.00 in the car park of the Princess of Wales on Sunday 25 May.  For those of you that haven't experienced "t'bounds beating" before, it involves ancient traditions of yore with up-to-date news of what's currently happening on our beloved marshlands.  Stout boots and sensible clothing.  Most of the walk will be suitable for children and reasonably sized baby buggies.  The walk is being organised by the Lammas Lands Defence Committee with help from Save Lea Marshes.

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