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SLM Weekly Digest 15-5-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes - a local group working towards keeping the Lea Valley and other local green spaces in good condition for wildlife and for the enjoyment of local people.  See our website and its new sales page on www.saveleamarshes.org.uk   We have campaign T shirts and more available ...
The purpose of the digest is to inform people of the work of SLM and give people an insight of anything that might be happening to affect the survival of our much loved marshland.  We also include other local events that might be of interest.  We recognise the fact that not everybody has the time to get involved in all the nitty-gritty but we hope that getting the digest will stimulate people to look regularly on the website to get a fuller view of what is going on and also, get involved when they can.  This week's online discourse includes:
FLYTIPPING -  We reported a month or so ago about the illegal fly-tipping first on Mabley Green and then on Hackney Marshes.  SLM members have just had a meeting with the Head of Parks, Sam Parry and the Head of Grounds Maintenance, Mark White about trying to ward off future fly tipping.  Conversations included restoring the hedge near Homerton Road in Hackney.  We have been told that this will be partial restored after "Run Hackney" has taken place but not completely (with a view to future events...) Also, whilst acknowledging that "car parks (allegedly) attract fly tippers, this cannot be directly said about the proposed new car park for the planned North Pavilion on Hackney Marshes (natch!).  Mabley Green is to get more trees and other ideas are being discussed, such as open air table tennis, under the flyover, as moves to help deter fly tippers and increase enjoyment of the area.  Plans for the Edible Park and an all purpose pitch are also at the planning stage.
ROUNDUP ROUND UP - last week we mentioned the BBC4 Radio "Crossing Continents" programme on Glyphosate use in Argentina and the number of serious health problems, local people attribute to Monsanto's finest.  SLM has been trying to get Glyphosate off the marshes and off Hackney streets.  This week we can report that there is a special meeting involving Katherine Hamnett  (Fashion designer and eco-campaigner), at 12. 00 p.m. this Saturday, 17 May at the Pub on the Park on London Fields, Hackney, aimed at stopping the use in the park.  Details are also in this week's "Hackney Gazette".
HUM, HUM - BBC Radio 4 Extra earlier this week, had a timely broadcast of a programme called "The Hum" discussing the various noises which make life miserable for the people of Britain.  As reported last week, there are on-going meetings happening with the LVRPA to try and lessen the noise coming out of the Lee Valley Ice Rink.  A local resident has also started a campaign.
MILLFIELDS - the Millfields Park Users' Group recently met to discuss improvements to the park, including tree planting, more wildflower planting, playground plans and if funds allow another outing for the "Tree Circle" open air cinema.
COUNTRY-FILED - Some parts of the Lea Valley Park area were featured in last Sunday's "Countryfile" on BBC1.  I missed the beginning, but what I did see involved tagging Heron chicks, a greenhouse business and White Water Rafting.  Check the IPlayer.
Firstly, another reminder about the "Beating the Bounds" walk  on Sunday 25 May, to mark historic boundaries in a traditional way and also provide a fun way for people to enjoy and learn about the marshes together.  There are two stages:  One meet at the Hare & Hounds, Leyton to prepare the willows and enjoy the pub's Sunday lunch at 12.00 and then at 2.00 gathering by the Princess of Wales for the walk.  The walk itself, will be a general walk, followed by an extra bit for those able to tackle slightly rougher terrain.  It is being organised by the Lammas Lands Defence Committee with some help from SLM.
SLM's "What I love about the Marshes" exhibition is now up at the Black Cat CafĂ© in Clarence Road, Hackney E5, and will tour other venues in Hackney and Waltham Forest in future.  The exhibition now includes photos of the competition winners too.
Friends of the Earth in Waltham Forest have sent us their latest newsletter with news of an open-house style event to view green homes in Waltham Forest on the 17th and 18th May see http://walthamforestgreenhomes.net ; news of a "Big Lunch" event in St. James Park on 1st June plus news of more regular events - those interested should contactfoe.walthamforest@gmail.com 
Friends of Belair Park (who we are in contact with due to our similar interests) are putting on a musical notation event/ picnic - music that will follow walkers along the route of the River Effra - starting at 2.00 from Belair Park and wending to Dulwich Park around 3.30 onwards on Sunday 18th May.  Sounds delightful!
SLM's next meeting - open to all is at 7.30 on Monday 19th May at the Hare & Hounds, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton.  We'll be discussing changes to our meeting structures to take into account the growing number of issues that we are faced with.
Breaking News!  An email about squatters in a school - which I presume concerns the Old School House on Lea Bridge Road (forgive me if I am wrong).  I am sure we'll hear more about this but haven't got much to go on at the moment ...

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