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LVRPA Area 1 Consultation


9 April 2015

Park Development Framework
Lee Valley Regional Park Act 1966 Section 14 Draft Area Proposals

Draft Proposals for Area 1 East India Dock Basin to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: Update on Consultation

Dear Consultee

Following consultation on the Area 1 draft Proposals, the Authority has now considered all the comments that were submitted.   A final draft version of both the written Area 1 Proposals Schedule and accompanying maps are now available to view on the website via the following dedicated link:

These draft proposals will be considered by Members at the Lower Lee Valley Regeneration and Planning Committee on the 14 May 2015 at 11.00am. You are welcome to attend the committee meeting which will be held at the WaterWorks Centre, located on Lammas Road (off Lea Bridge Road), Leyton, London E10 7QB, tel: 020 8988 7566.

The Agenda and papers for the committee will be made available at least one week before the meeting and will be placed on the PDF consultation webpage.  If you wish to speak at the meeting you will need to give notice to the Committee Office at least 2 working days before the meeting is due to take place, i.e. by 11 May.  Guidelines for public speaking at committee meetings and the relevant contact details will all be made available on the PDF consultation webpage.

Following consideration of the draft Proposals at the Lower Lee Valley Committee and any further revisions it is intended that the final set of proposals will be presented to full Authority on the 9th July for adoption.

Best Wishes

Stephen Wilkinson

Head of Planning and Strategic Partnerships 

London National Park

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What do you think of our vision for a Greater London National Park City?
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If you are in London, I hope that you are enjoying all this sun we are getting.

A year after our campaign started, we have just published our Green Paper for a Greater London National Park City. The purpose of this short paper is to test out our ideas ahead of our main proposal which will be published in July.

It is important that we get a good number of responses to the consultation that accompanies the Green Paper.

As a Friend of the Greater London National Park* please take a moment to read the Green Paper, respond to the consultation and share it with your networks. Your opinions and support are very valuable to us, so please do contribute to this important part of the campaign.

You can read the Green Paper and respond to the consultation here:
Thank you very much for your time and help.


Photo: Simone de Glanville
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Greater London National Park campaign
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United Kingdom

SLM Digest 23-4-15

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes.  We are an open group of local people with the aim of keeping the marshes and green spaces in the Lea Valley area as havens of peace and tranquillity and space to enjoy for wildlife and people alike.  Found out more about our work from our website
BEE CORNER – we’re starting this week with the bee theme.  Two stories in the press – one in the Sunday Times (19.04.15) page 12 in the News Section,
 an article headed ‘Junk food’ wiping our bees – how pollen from crops such as oilseed rape may lack the key amino acids and other nutrients to keep bees healthy, demonstrating that a change of flora can seriously affect their health and that they need a good range of wild flowers.  The article states that a European Commission Study warns that Britain is one of Europe’s worst-affected European countries losing half its honeybee colonies since 1985. (That would seem to correlate with the massive increase in those unnatural looking yellow fields ..).  Second, in The Guardian (23.04.15), p.15   bees have further problems with neonicotinoids, nicotine-like pesticides, in the same way humans get hooked on cigarettes.  A major new survey has provided further evidence of the dangers of pesticide use.  “It is no longer credible to argue that agricultural use of neonicotinoids does not harm wild bees”, says Dave Goulson a bee expert at Sussex University.  Third, the local Waltham Forest Group of Friends of the Earth (who meet regularly every third Tuesday (more below in Events), is taking part in the Great British Bee Count, see their website for further details

ALSO IN THE PRESS – a shocking post Olympics story about the London Legacy Development Corporation not doing a proper legal check with the EC about changes to the main stadium, which might cost West Ham Football Team ‘millions’. The Guardian Sport Section, p.1 (23.4.15)
Another “Olympian” story is a feature by Rowan Moore in the New Review Section of The Observer,  pp.32-33  (19.04.15) on how London has (vanity) fared with Boris “The Town that Boris built”.
The Hackney Gazette has a story, p.2, by Emma Bartholomew (23.4.15)  about Dalston and conservation of key buildings which local campaigners are trying to get Hackney Council to designate as Conservation Areas.  Buildings include the Reeves Printhouse in Ashwin Street and the famous Peace Mural.
UP CHUCK DUCK – Some of you may have seen the recent advertisements from the Canals & River Trust, in the newspapers about the dangers of feeding bread (particularly white bread), to ducks and other river birds.  Most of us have done this thinking that it is helping the birds and it is one of those activities that all children seem to enjoy.  However, CaRT are seriously worried about the death of birds caused by getting unsuitable foods getting stuck in their gullets which can result in death.  The practice also pollutes the rivers.  So I’ve begun quietly having a word with people I see feeding the ducks in an effort to make people aware of the cruelty of their kindness.  To find out more the CaRT have produced a helpful video about what you can do to continue to feed the ducks healthily   There are better ways of getting rid of stale bread e.g. grate into bread crumbs and use as a topping for a tomato and pasta bake.
BUSKING HUSTINGS  - we don’t normally do little plugs for people, but in the case of Robin Grey, folk singer and “David Cameron’s Busker”, we’ll make an exception.  If you would like to support Robin’s crowd funding appeal go to
EVENTS – As mentioned above, Waltham Forest Friends of the Earth are currently concentrating on Meating (go meat free this month), Meeting and Bee-ting (bee counting as above).  You’ll usually find them at the Le Delice Cafe, Hoe Street, opp. Rose & Crown, every third Tuesday from 8.00-9.00 p.m.
Another reminder that the Vitality Run will be happening around the borough of Hackney on 10 May and up to 13,000 runners are expected in the event’s second year.  For more information on how to run or what to avoid (tick as appropriate), go to
Whipps Cross Hospital Crisis meeting is happening on Tuesday 28 April at 7.30 at The Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Leytonstone E11 3DB.
The Worker’s Memorial Day event also on Tuesday 28 April at 1.00 at Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road E17.  This will be especially poignant due to the recent sad death of a construction worker who had been working on a building near the Baker’s Arms.
HUSTINGS – we can’t ignore it, there’s a lot of politicking going on – TUSC the Trades Union Socialist Coalition (not featured on the recent TV debates), will be at a meeting on Saturday 2 May at 2.30 p.m. at the Harmony Hall, E17.  Details of other political meetings are listed on Voluntary Action Waltham Forest’s website and in the local press.

Last, but not least, SLM’s regular fortnightly meeting will be taking place at

7.30 at the back of the Prince of Wales pub, Lea Bridge Road on Monday  27 April.

SLM Weekly Digest 26-3-15


This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes – an open group of local people concerned to keep the Lea Valley and other local green spaces in good condition for wildlife and local people to enjoy for many years to come.  To find out more about our work, please see our website
DOWN MEMORY PLANE – spending some time in a library this week I came across a book “The East End Then and Now”, edited by Winston G Ramsey published 1997, in it there was a story taken from the “Stratford Express” 1963, about Leyton Marshes:  “ East London may have its own airport by 1970.  It would be on Leyton Marshes and would provide an air-link with the main commercial centres in Britain and on the continent.  The idea originally came from Walthamstow Chamber of Commerce, who put it to councils in east and north London and the Transport Ministry.  The Ministry has approved the project, but says that the local authorities must share the cost.”  A narrow escape!  This just predates the formation of the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.
ALONE RANGER – we hear this week from the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), that popular ranger Gavin Johnson, will be leaving the authority in early April.  Whilst, SLM has its ups and downs over issues with the LVRPA, everyone has a good word to say about Gavin.  So we will miss him and wish him well.
IN THE PRESS – we’ll start over in Waltham Forest this week – one story is that the local Walthamstow MP, Stella Creasy has won the award as “Best Constituency Tweeter”, under the 2015 Political Twitter Awards.  Stella also features in another story about the delayed opening of the Lea Bridge Railway Station..   In Hackney, there are two related and contrasting stories concerning Hackney Council and its green credentials.  On the front page of the “Hackney Gazette”, Emma Bartholomew has a story headlined £42m channelled into dirty energy”, following a Freedom of Information (FOI), request on Hackney Council pension investments in 22 different oil coal and gas companies.  Contrast that with a story on Hackney Council’s “green project wins national award”, concerning a council eco project to cut pollution around Tech City.   The borough of Hackney also features in Wednesday’s “Evening Standard”.  On page 29, “I’m being driven out of Hackney by arty types; garage boss attacks waves of hipster bars and restaurants.  Having already lost an estimated £28k due to the “no-go-zone” during the time of the Olympics, a motor boss repair owner is being forced out by hikes in rent.  This he puts down to the increasing trendiness of the Hackney Wick area but it would seem that the real culprits are the property companies who know that they can get more profits..  This theme is followed up in the “Homes and Property” Feature pp.6-7 which features “Fish Island” – as “Stratford’s last colony..” by David Spittles.
PETITIONS OF THE WEEK – we have been sent a plea from someone in the Gondar Gardens area of Camden, where further proposed development would threaten an SSSI reservoir site, to find out more and sign up go to
Also, if the General Election is on your mind, Greenpeace are advising people to check their local candidates stance on fracking go to
SAVED – if you want evidence of how petitions can work positively, we hear via Voluntary Action Waltham Forest, that the petition we presented last week “Community Transport Door-to-Door Service”, can survive being cut.
Waltham Forest Cultivate Festival – happening over nine days until 29th March, featuring events, free composting and much more (or should that be “mulch”), drawing attention to greening and local produce in the borough.  For more information go to
Also in Waltham Forest on Saturday 28 March, there is the Urban Herbal Street Party being held at the Hornbeam Cafe in Hoe Street.  For more information go to
Millfields Users Group is having a “walkabout AGM” this Saturday 3.00 p.m., 28 March.  Great  idea.

Next SLM meeting – due to the Bank Holiday, we’ll be meeting in the usual place, The Princess of Wales, Lea Bridge Road at 7.30 on Monday April 13.  There will also be no Weekly Digest next week. 

Work begins on the Walthamstow Wetlands

Walthamstow Wetlands

Beating the Bounds - History

As many of us turn out for the Beating of the Bounds every year on Leyton Marshes, I thought you may enjoy this amazing free archive footage from the BFI demonstrating the long heritage of this tradition, here's a link to footage of a Beating the Bounds procession in St Albans from 1913!

Watch Beating the Bounds at St Albans 1913
An ancient parish custom is revived by twentieth century merrymakers in the historic Hertfordshire market-town.
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SLM Digest 26-2-15

o: yahoo group <>

What have you spotted, other than workmen, on the marshes?
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SLM Weekly Digest

Keep Our Marshes Open and Green!

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes – a weekly roundup of news, stories, events and inklings going on in our local green spaces and neighbourhoods in the Lea Valley area and anything happening elsewhere that is of interest to the Save Lea Marshes group – which originally formed to save Leyton Marsh and now campaigns for keeping the Lea Valley in the best condition for nature and local people to enjoy.  Found out more about our work by looking at our website

A KINGLY SIGHT IN THE WOODS - One of our members spotted a kingfisher on Walthamstow Marshes in the wooded area and a day later a pair of greater spotted woodpeckers on Hackney Marshes. So keep your eyes peeled on your walks!

LVRPA WORKSHOP MEETING – following the attendance of the new Lee Valley Park, Green Spaces Manager, Alex Farris at one of our recent meetings, we felt encouraged that at last the views of local people might be better listened to.  We were further encouraged by the first of the new style workshop meetings for a while last Sunday.  The attendance was reasonably good, despite lack of notices on the new notice boards (which SLM members mentioned).  Topics included: the Horseshoe Thicket on Walthamstow SSSI and the coppicing regime and other wooded areas on the map (we pointed out that Leyton Marsh was not marked on that map); the idea and prototype of a new quarterly newsletter temporarily called “Musings from the Marshes”, which was generally welcomed( but again we pointed out that Leyton Marsh should be included in the heading); and a discussion on horse riding on Walthamstow Marsh – which staff present agreed to follow up with the Riding Stables; the monies set aside for Leyton Marsh improvement and a proposed Art Project.  Other topics were also included and I’m pleased to report that other folk present, who are not known to be SLM members made some comments which made similar points to the ones we are constantly raising.

FILTER BEDS – last week we reported paving work going on in the Middlesex Filter Beds and the debris, dumped near the Old Pavilion on Hackney Marshes.  This week the work has continued – the rubble was cleared by last Sunday but one of our members reported that contractor vehicles were going along the Filter bed paths – where people walk – far too fast.  After complaining to the new LVRPA Green Spaces Manager, an immediate reply was received that this would be monitored.

VIGILANCE -  one of our members went on an organised walk last week (previously mentioned in the Digest), where local people were invited along with London Borough of Waltham Forest representatives, the Chair of the LVRPA and the local MP Stella Creasy.  Ms Creasy is really trying to get to grips with all that is going on in the Lea Valley part of the borough, involving the marshes, the future of the Lea Valley Ice Centre; the proposed reopening of the Lea Bridge Station, the Lea Bridge Road, the Mini-Holland cycle route and the likelihood of further development in the area particularly the ClancyDocwra site.  Her postbag is full on these topics, and likely to get fuller.  With the pressure to build more housing, we all need to be vigilant and SLM will be continuing to keep abreast of developments.

IN THE PRESS – stories to check in this week’s Waltham Forest Guardian include further coverage of the controversial plan to knock down a Council Estate in Leytonstone (the Fred Wigg and John Walsh Towers), and replace them with private housing.  In a meeting this week organised by Focus E15, a housing expert described the scheme as one of the worst he’d ever seen.   Over in Hackney, in Hackney Today p.5. (also in the Hackney Gazette) has coverage of the Bishopsgate proposal, with a campaign, unusually supported by the Mayor, against a 48-storey luxury development, which threatens to plunge parts of Shoreditch into darkness. Hackney Today also has a page devoted to the East and West Bank Nature Reserve, between Dunsmure Road and Stamford Hill, flanking the railway line, where volunteers have turned a dumping ground into a valuable haven for wildlife.  Other articles which might be of interest are: plans for Hackney Bike Super Highway the CS1 from Stamford Hill via Stoke Newington, Dalston to Hoxton, which is now up for consultation until 29thMarch.  The plans include pedestrian improvements too.  You can find out more   For those of you following the rise and fall of Woodberry Down Estate, the Hackney Gazette has details of a film showing and photography exhibition focused on the Woodberry Down Estate which runs until Saturday at the Peer Gallery, 99 Hoxton Street.  The film is on Friday at 6.30pm.


Those of you not averse to travelling to Camden might like to go to the Free Garden Party - with live music, free hot food and fundraising for urban good growing as well as spiced cider to celebrate orchards.  Organised by Alara Foods and The Urban Orchard Project  it will take place at 108-112 Camley Street N1C 4PF (beside Booker).  RSVP viaFacebook for a free cotton bag full of goodies at the event which is happening this Friday 27th February from 4-8 p.m.

The Tree Musketeers are running a whole series of workshops and events – some need to be booked in advance, others just turn up.  The first few of these are:  Saturday 28 February – Springfield Park Tree Workshop from 10am -3pm. Please Book (only 4 places left) at  Sunday 1 March – Guided Tree Walk at Springfield Park – meet at 2pm at the Whitehouse Mansion Cafe – free 90 minute walk, no booking required.  Tuesday 3 March, Woodland Maintenance Workshop at Abney Park, N16, 10am -3pm, please book.  There are lots more ways to spring into action, go to

Cultivate Festival – “Three Acres and a Cow” – an historical folk music event on the history of land rights will take place at the Asian Centre, Walthamstow on 26 March.  Information and tickets £5 plus £1 booking fee on line at

Or £5 from the Hornbeam Centre, E17 9AN.

The LVRPA are organising a Community Haystack Meeting (discussing ideas and preparing for the event) on Sunday 15 March at 11. a.m.  Book a place (for numbers), via or get further information from or see
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Hedgehog Herbs

From:"Hedge Herbs" <>
Date:Mon, 2 Mar, 2015 at 10:56
Subject:Marvellous March Matters | Hedge Herbs
Hello springtime people,

Aieeeee how exciting the energy is all coming!
Heart-lifting spreadings of snowdrops and crocuses, blossom starting to shine, warmth in the air ... adventures to come!

I hope this finds you all well and bursting with joy and/or other life-affirming stuff, please find below details of herbal happenings coming up this month around Walthamstow and London. Be great to see some of you out and about.

I'm also starting a new little section with recommendations from around and about for healing folk - therapists, gardeners and others of the green inclination whose good practice I have experienced... let me know if you've any good ones for future tips for the community!

And very excitingly, tickets have just gone on sale for this year's Radical Herbal Gathering, our annual get-together exploring the roots of health in the context of social justice, health inequality, ecological justice and practical skillsharing in herbal medicine. It's a powerful and inspiring event - find out more and book tickets here. Taking place Friday 12th-Sunday 14th June 2015 near Shrewsbury.

Herbal Happenings this month of March

Saturday 7th March, 10am-4pm
Blackhorse Market at Blackhorse Workshop, 1-2 Sutherland Road Path, Walthamstow E17 6BX
Hedge Herbs and my friend Sarah Gray Herbalist will be present amongst the makers, crafters and tasty-food-purveyors at the monthly market at E17's brilliant open access wood- and metalwork workshop.
Come sample seasonal herbal teas and find aromatic oils, home remedies for your ailments, cough syrups, creams and balms and more from the plant medicine bounty.
Also, Blackhorse Workshop are now offering new studio spaces on the upper level of the building, with a variety of unit/room options and prices for artists and creators of all leanings - find out more here

Saturday 14th March, 2-4pm
Spring Herb Walk as part of Plants for People with Hedge Herbs
Come and explore the medicinal plant magic of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, a beautiful atmospheric woodland: discover what green allies abound underfoot that you can gather and use to prepare seasonal remedies for good health.We'll take a route around the cemetery that explores spring herbs for tonics and cleansing, plus vitamin and mineral-rich food plants like Nettles and Cleavers. 
We'll then head back to the Soanes Centre for some herb tasting and knowledge-sharing.

Saturday 28th March, 10am-3pm
Urban Herbal Street Party as part of Cultivate Festival, Waltham Forest's urban food-growing festival
Come join me and Willy Forbes, edible forager and chef, on a ramble over the springtime marshes to find and gather fresh green goodies to make into healthful cleansing tonics, teas and yummy snacks.
We'll walk for an hour and a half then head back to the Hornbeam Cafe for a making session, to talk about medicinal herbs and how wild foods can (and should!) be an excellent part of our seasonal diets.
Meet in front of the Lee Valley Ice Centre on Lea Bridge Road at 10am to head onto the marshes; we'll go back to Hornbeam by bus or bicycle at 11.30am.
There will be a range of workshops happening through the afternoon at Forest Recycling Project next to Hornbeam including painting plant pots, hero herbs in cooking and the We Love Low Cost Living roadshow.
If you'd like to know more about any of these events, just get in touch with me on 07784 506 494 or by email.

Local recommendations

E17 Organic Gardens - a lovely new gardening project in east London, with some canny ideas around using recycled materials and greening up our urban neighbourhoods...

love and warm spring wishes,

Rasheeqa Ahmad
Hedge Herbs

07784 506 494