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Beating The Bounds

Subject: Beating the Bounds

NLLDC, despite Joe's message, have decided - or so I was told on Thursday evening - to perambulate only Leyton Marshes south of Lea Bridge Road (described as "family-friendly") on 25th May, and not the part north of LB Rd, which was really the crucial reason originally for continuing the traditional event annually.

I was also told SLM had liaised with NLLDC and would also not be organising any perambulation to the north of Lea Bridge Road, in which case the towpath would not have any opportunity to be beaten anyway.

Perhaps this can all be discussed and clarified on Monday evg.

If it is helpful, I have recently found out that the Bounds had to be perambulated at least every 12 years in the case of Walthamstow Parish.

Leyton seem to have made an annual perambulation of the Walthamstow Slip, but presumably this obligation could have been carried out less often in respect of the Parish Boundary as a whole.

Both Parishes carried out their Perambulations on Ascension Day (the Thursday after Rogation Sunday, the three days between being Rogationtide).

However, my researches continue as fast as I can plough through the 18th century manuscript Perambulation Records at the VH Museum!

Mothers' and Fathers' Day Offers


SLM Digest 21-3-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes.  A group of local people in the Lea Valley are concerned with keeping the marshes wildlife and people friendly.  See our website

Firstly, apologies for the Gremlins last week.  The little blighters sent out the digest to some people at least three times, whilst others didn't get it at all!  

I'd like to say that it hasn't been a busy week, but yet again, lots going on:

TIP - OFF !  Following up on last week's story of the travellers who moved on to East Marsh from Mabley Green - there were about 17 tonnes of waste costing Hackney Council £5,200 to clear.  I gather Facebook and Twitter have been hot on this topic.  None of us are anti-traveller but these particular people did leave a lot of mess behind.  Apart from not wanting to see waste dumped, SLM's main concern on this issue was the fact that the Marshes are far easier to access by vehicle than they used to be and that this will lead to more of this kind of thing.

EAST MARSH GATE - thanks to the stirling work of an SLM member, who complained that new pathways on East Marsh leading to the canal had been carried out without proper legislation being followed, has received an apology from Hackney Council officials, who say they will put some of the construction right.

MESSING ABOUT WITH THE BOATS - two related issues that have been pinging between inboxes the most this week are the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority's cutting back of the vegatation on the towpath near Leyton Marsh/Oxbow Lake and the erstwhile rumour which seems to have materialised into fact about plans to change the mooring system at that part of the River Lea.  Discussions over privatisation and who exactly owns or doesn't own the land as it currently stands (the shape of Oxbow has changed, making a difference to the marked area), currently abound as do differing views on the matter.  We've put a write up on the website  and there will be a meeting of local boaters on 19 April.  This is an important issue as it affects people's floating homes, the tradition of the waterways, encroaching privatisation and not least the condition of the marshland.  We will return to this subject in future digests.

MILLFIELDS - there was an A.G.M. meeting of the Millfields User's Group last Sunday.  A point of contention was the idea of cutting down the conifers that surround the tennis courts as part of a list of other changes.  Tennis players for and wildlife enthusiasts generally against.

MARSH LANE FIELDS - another recent on line discussion was the new kids play area near the newly revamped bridge (too far).  Most are agreed that the bridge was a huge and unecessary waste of money and that the renaming of the park area not really welcomed but it seems that the play area is proving popular amongst local families and heaven knows, kids do need space to play, its just unfortunate that more building develoments don't  include one as part of planning and that inevitably this encroaches on to other increasingly rare green spaces.


The Open Evening of the SLM Photo Competition Exhibition takes place on Wednesday 9 April at  6.00 p.m. at the Waterworks on Lea Bridge Road.  There is coverage of this in this week's "Hackney Gazette" about this event and the future venues.

There is a launch of the new Waltham Forest common community resource project running out of the Community Room of Lea Bridge Library -  which as grown out of work with The Mill in partnership with Waltham Forest Council.  To be known asThe Bridge.  It is Saturday (tomorrow) 22 March between 1-3 p.m.  All welcome.

Wildfood Walk - A walk with local expert Joan.  This will take place on Sunday 19 April at 2.00 p.m. starting off at Lee Valley Ice Rink, progressing along the River Lea towpath and finish at Springfield Park Cafe.

Lea Bridge Surgery meeting - (long ovedue), will be discussing important issues about developments around the Lea Bridge Road, including the proposed reopening of the disused railway station.  At Lea Bridge Library E.10 also tomorrowSaturday 22 March from 10-11 a.m.

Big Dig - our friends at the Dalston Curve Garden are taking part in "The Big Dig" - also tomorrow 22 March in two sessions 12-2 p.m. and 3-5 p.m.  No need to book just turn up in sensible shoes and clothes.  Future gardening sessions and children's play sessions also in the pipeline.

Next SLM meeting - Monday 24 March - 7.30 at the Hare & Hounds pub, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton.  All welcome.

Metropolitan Open Land under threat again!

MOL Under Threat

Ditch Management

checked and it's the SSSI Site Management Statement that describes rotational ditch clearance:

Ditches provide the means of achieving a higher water level on the site. Only one new ditch should be necessary across the site  -  alongside the Diagonal Path on the North Marsh  -  others should run along the site edges. The Hydrological Report (CarlBro, 2000) contains details of the recommended positions of new ditches.

Management of existing ditches  should occur between October and March (preferably October/November), the objective being to clear each section of ditch once every ten years. In any one year no more than 20% of the entire ditch network should be cleared. Ditch profiles would preferably include a shallow berm and dredgings should ideally be spread on the canal side of the ditches, not over the Marshes.

This is from the HLS agreement

HB14- Management of ditches of very high environmental value Land parcels and associated features managed under this option:
RLR Field Number: TQ35870382
Features: F09 High environmental value boundary, SB19 Uncommon Birds, WO?
Ponds - BAP habitat, W08 Reedbeds - BAP habitat
RLR Field Number: TQ35875015
RLR Field Number: TQ37993352
Features: F09 High environmental value boundary, G11 Habitat for invertebrates,
8810 Reed Bunting, SL01 Uncommon Lower Plants (e.g. mosses), SM08 Water Vole

General description of the management required:
This option is aimed at the management of ditches of very high environmental value.
These can occur in grassland, wetland and arable landscapes. The aim is to provide a variety of species-rich stages of natural succession, from open water, to ditches full
of emergent species, and to maintain local historic landscape character. Target farmland birds, insects, plants and mammals will benefit from an improvement in the
structure of ditches through sympathetic vegetation cutting regimes.

Indicators of Success
• Ditches must contain water for at least 9 months of the year. The ditch on Rammey Marsh is more ephemeral but there should be localised pools along the ditch length providing refuges for water voles.
• There should be no more than 1 0% of the ditch length with heavy shade i.e where vegetation overhangs more than half the width of the channel surface.
• There should be approximately 30% early, 30% middle and 30% late successional ditches on the holding.
• By year 5 at least 5 of the following quality indicator species should be occasional and at least 3 should be frequent: Broad-leaved Pondweed, Curled Pondweed,
Water Plantain, Spiked Water Milfoil, Water-cress, Fool's Water-cress, Yellow Flairis, Water-mint, Water Crowfoots, Charophytes.
• By year 3 there should be no woody scrub growing on the ditch banks. Localised low cover such as bramble is acceptable to provide cover for water voles.
• Filamentous algae should be less than 10% cover.
• Non-native species such as water fern/parrot's feather/Hydrocotyle should be absent and New Zealand Pygmyweed should cover no more than 5% of affected
• The water should be clear enough to allow the ditch bottom to be visible, unless obscured by aquatic vegetation, in at least 90% of the ditch length.
• Water depth should be minimum 0.5m except on Rammey Marsh where the ditch is ephemeral.
Management Prescriptions; the dos and don'ts of management.

The following rules apply across the whole area being managed under this option:
• Cut the emergent and aquatic vegetation according to the agreed rotational programme leaving the roots in the base of the ditch. Place the arisings on top of the bank for at least 12 hours before removing. Retain a fringe of emergent vegetation on alternating sides of the ditch.
• If cutting the vegetation using a digger, use the bucket to scoop the roots avoiding disturbing silt or cutting into the bed or banks of the channel. Some roots should be left in the channel to enable regeneration. Avoid tracking the digger along the top of the bank where water vole burrows may be damaged.]
• Maintain a varied sward on the ditch banks to provide cover for water voles. Control woody scrub so that it does not encroach onto the banks or shade the channel.
• Manage ditches and banks between 1 October and 28 February only.
• Do not re-profile the ditch unless agreed with your Natural England adviser.
• Re-profiled ditches must have their banks sloping at 45 degrees or less.
• Do not de-silt/dredge ditches unless agreed with your Natural England adviser.
• Following de-silting/dredging/re-profiling, bankside vegetation must be reestablished by natural regeneration.
• Remove cuttings from the edge of the ditch after trimming.
• Do not cultivate or apply fertilisers, manures or pesticides to land within 2m of the centre of the ditch or 1 m of the top of ditch banks.
• Only use mechanical means (including hand tools) to clean the ditches or trim the bank. Do not use herbicides.

On Monday, 10 March 2014, 22:30, Abigail Woodman <> wrote:
Hi Joan

We have discussed this tonight.

Ditch dredging, sections on rotation, is part of the High-Level Stewardship Agreement so we need to complain to the LVRPA for not doing this. Can as many as possible write please.


On 8 Mar 2014, at 17:58, Joan Yeadon <> wrote:

One thing that needs thinking about before the next so-called Marshes Management Workshop is management of the ditches.  For example, all of the willow trees and a lot of brambles along the ditch that runs alongside Coppermill Lane and a lot of trees on the other side of Coppermill Stream have been cut down.  At the last workshop, we were told this was to stop leaves falling in the ditch.  

Having had another look at the ditch this afternoon, I consider that what has been done is inappropriate.  Ditches do need to be maintained to keep the oxygen levels up and stop them getting overgrown.  As well as cutting down a few self-seeded willows and brambles, it would not hurt to dredge the ditch - to clear out the dead leaves.  Also, there is a serious infestation of Crasula Helmsii in Coppermill Ditch that should be removed. 

If I was managing the job, I would remove the Crasula Helmsii by hand, lay it on the bank overnight to let any critters find their way back into the ditch and then take it away and burn it.  Then I would dredge that half of the ditch this year and come back next year to dredge the other half.  Crasula Helmsii removal would probably have to be done every year - just to keep it under control and stop it choking everything else out.

Kindest regards


Joan Yeadon 

Tel: 020 8809 2475

Mob: 07908 398 905

More about the Trust

Lee Valley Leisure Trust Ltd

Dear Stella,

A disappointed thank you for replying to my email by means of sharing a response from the LVRPA intended for another constituent of yours. Apart from this being disrespectful and misguided, I have not been able to use it or forward it because you have left the personal data of that constituent written on the letter. As you already know, my original question to you was copied in to the Save Leyton Marsh group to whom I now wish to relay your reply.

My response to your email is:

  • No, I don't find the your response useful - as in paragraph above
  • it doesn't answer my questions because nowhere do you state your views as requested
  • I disagree with your faith in the LVRPA statement that it has no intention to privatise or lose public accountability.

Your reply has astounded me and I have doubts as to whether you have read the LVRPA report (A/4181/14) that was made public last month. In it the LVRPA has stated that it intends to 'maximise the return on land and property assets' and intends to set up an (unelected) Trust to whom it will delegate the running of many of its operations falling under this definition. This Trust will be beyond the direct reach of the democratic process. I am not even sure that it meets with current market and European regulations about 'fair competition' as to who will get the lucrative positions and contract. Item 16 of the report says LVRPA plans to go to the market in 3-5 years time to produce some kind of sell-off. While the stated charitable Industrial Provident Society is being portrayed as just a technical device to reduce tax liability (which in any case may fail in its aim), market floatation, which is what item 16 seems to be talking about, would actually be full-blooded privatisation.

Furthermore a Trust that simply consisted of the six major sporting facilities would be a sure fire loser because there would be no way it could generate enough income to keep itself going. Item 33 suggests it would lose £700k a year. So the farms, marinas and camp sites need to be included. Since the local ones do not make a profit it's hard to see how they can offer much help unless by commercialisation what LVRPA means is development.

At issue in all of this is the fate of our precious green open spaces: these will never, and should never, be profitable in the sense of providing a financial return to the LVRPA since they are open access and uncommercialised. That is, unless the trend of further encroachment turning open access land Metropolitan Open Land into so-called "destinations" continues. First on the LVRPA's list for "Destinisation" is 'Lea Bridge Road'. Obviously this location includes more than just the highway,  so I can only assume that the LVRPA must be aiming to do something to the MOL, ie Leyton Marsh and Lammas lands, bordering on it.

I appeal to you to get off your fence-sitting position, and investigate what the LVRPA really intends for this part of your constituency in the Lea Bridge Ward. What is your view about losing our green open spaces, together with the habitats they provide for bird, animal, insect and plant species, losing them to hotels, flats, more roadspace, pristine parkland etc simply in order to prop up the financing of the over-capitalisation we are left with as an Olympic legacy?

I challenge you to explain what you feel about the importance of biodiversity and how it should be prioritised and promoted in the 'green lung' of north-east London. We have a huge responsibility to future generations to preserve and protect what has been created already and to prevent the Lea Valley from being turned completely into a commercialised theme park run by an unelected body.

Yours sincerely,

Claire Weiss

Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 17:45:07 +0000
Subject: Fwd: Our Ref: RF/WEIS01003

Dear Claire

Thank you for your email about the recent contact we have had with the Lea Valley Park Authority (LVRPA)

As you know we contacted the LVPA at the request of Katy Andrews as she wanted clarification regarding the possible privatisation of the Authority. Please find a copy of thier response attached.

The LVPA have advised us that they have no intention of privatisation or losing public accountability. Please see the attached letter for details of how they hope to fund thier future work.

I hope this response is useful and answers the questions that you raised initially.

Should you require any further assistance on this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to let me know.

kind regards


It is clearly disingenuous of LVRPA to say it is not seeking privatisation. There's no way LVRPA could run a hotel (it's not even allowed to do this under the Lea Valley Act) so that's privatisation for a start. Secondly the ultimate aim of turning the trust into an independently organised group must certainly be privatisation. And (as an aside) I seriously doubt that the Lea Valley Act allows LVRPA to do this work (the research required to create the independent organisation).

I don't oppose the privatisation of facilities like the ice rink (so long as the land it's on continues to belong to the people and the private organisation just gets a long term lease). What I do object to is council tax payers from south west London and other peripheral areas of the LVRPA catchment being forced to contribute to the profits of a private organisation by asset stripping of the Lea Valley Park.

Jonathan Brind

Fly tipping - who would dare!

Rubbish in the Park

Guilty party?

and the cost?

Picture of island

Picture of island in reservoirs

Lee Valley Velopark

Lee Valley Velopark

Friends of Regent's Canal

Friends of Regent's Canal

SLM Digest 28-2-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes - a round up of news, views and events for people who want to continue to see the local marshes and green spaces survive and thrive for both bio-diversity and the enjoyment of people.

IN WHICH WE TRUST (NOT) ... The long-rumoured and fast-tracked proposal from the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), was tabled at a special Authority meeting yesterday afternoon, concerning the setting up of a Trust - the Lee Valley Leisure Trust Ltd., as an Industrial Provident Society with charitable status.  The principle reasons behind this move concern the 2014/15 LVRPA deficit - largely derived from a freezing of the levy (amounts agreed by member boroughs to support the body in its management of the Lea Valley Park area) - and a rise in rate relief incurred by taking on ex-Olympic venues, as well as, some would argue lack of expertise in income generation (e.g. lack of take up at the recently set up campsite at the Waterworks ..).  In fairness, the LVRPA does have a hard job balancing its aims - established by an Act of Parliament in the 1960s - with the cut and thrust world of post-Thatcher economics.  However, we should all be cautious in accepting the setting up of this trust (a) because of the possible conflicts it could incur with the originator body and indeed its founding act and (b) because of "mission creep", with the trust not only being responsible for the obvious money making activities of sports venues but throughout the park and all its various activities and environments - especially the open spaces which we all value.  Members did raise some important points yesterday and some very cogent arguments were received by others, which resulted in some amendments to the recommendations.  The two key ones I can enter here are:  (1) that the sports venues will transfer to the trust but that the precise scope of any additional venues to be transferred to the Trust shall be decided by the Authority at a later date and upon further review {that is taking more time to think about the diversity of other venues and when and if they could be added to the remit of the trust} - which could be dangerous and (1a) a Contract Award Notice is issued incorporating the Venues listed in scenario 2 (all venues) as set out in paragraph 42 and listed at Appendix G (as amended) in the report.  Providing all the financial, TUPE and consultant appointing etc. follows as plans, the trust could come into being in April 2015.
LVRPA "WORKSHOP MEETING" - feedback from the meeting last Sunday included on-going dialogue with the LVRPA  and Natural England about meadow management of the marshes.  Evidently, the LVRPA have a new one in process.  SLM has some ideas in process about this topic and if they mature, we'll report back later.
BLASTS FROM THE PAST -  following on from the workshop, SLM was sent a link to a very interesting video - see  - it shows how the marshes were in the late 1970s; a predecessor group to ours - Save Our Marshes (I was trying to spot any common people types!) and a feature on species.  This was followed up by one of our members about one of the people featured, who had discovered some of the species mentioned and a link to a feature in the "Hackney Citizen" in 2010, concerning Creeping Marshwort - see   We are going to try and track down those involved in the former group - who were primarily concerned with another serious threat to the marshes at that time - an LVRPA proposal to allow commercial gravel works to be dug and then used as a pay-to-use boating lake (how little times change!).
MARSH LANE ALLOTMENTS - the London Legacy Development body LLDC - met this week concerning plans to replace the allotments including allotment-holders who were uprooted from a long-standing site by the 4 week stint of Olympics and Para Olympics - with meadow and access routes to the Queen Elizabeth Park.  Now we SLM'ers are usually up for a meadow but this is designed to be a transitory "Instant Meadow" - which can quickly make way for other uses such as the 2015 EuroHockey Championships.  Supposedly designed with  biodiversity target in mind it will most likely be more "BOP  than BAP,  not much good for long-term eco sustainability.
MARSH GATE ACCESS TRACK - those of you that have noticed near the roadside of Marshgate Bridge of the steep swerve of tarmac; trouncing of trees and heaps of sand left behind (the latter evidently to deter car kit users ? no, me neither ..).  One of our members has finally had his complaints about these works being unlawful, being investigated  next week by the Head of Business Analysis & Complaints.  We await ...
PLEDGE - SLM members have drawn up as a similar pledge to one sent to prospecting Hackney candidates for the up coming local elections calling for protection of our open spaces.
WALTHAM FOREST LEA BRIDGE WARD - locals are also pressing for when the next ward meeting (still listed as December 2013) will be held to talk about the LVRPA's plans, the proposed re-opening of the Lea Bridge Railway station (some railway workers have been spotted recently) and the concurrent effects on building in the area.
TOTTENHAM HELL we have news that came up at the last Lower Lea Valley Regeneration meeting, that we did mention in a digest last year), that a developer is looking to develop a brownfield site next to a paddock and close to the Ferry Boat Inn, of housing blocks of between 5-8 storeys.  The LVRPA are not keen on more than 5 storeys on the site but despite its location, as it is brownfield, not much opposition is expected at committee.  However, there are issues over the impact of this development that SLM will support but feel it is better to have the coordination led by a more local group Our Tottenham.
NEED THEY ASK? - The Mayor's office have launched a survey "What should be the top environmental policies for London?"  If you feel moved to take part in Toad of Toad Hall's survey go to
EVENTS (loads of..)
With the above in mind, there is a protest on 6 March at 2.15 outside City Hall, against the MIPIM property fair (the biggest in the world), to try and urge Toad not to sell off London land to the speculators see 
FRIENDS OF BELAIR PARK - there is a consultation meeting with Arup on behalf of the Chrystal Palace developers Zhong Rong on Saturday 1 March - two sessions 11.30 and 1.30 accompanied by a historical talk on Chrystal Palace organised with the V&A museum.  Details 
BEATING THE BOUNDS - this annual, history tracing event across LAMMAS lands will take place on Sunday 25 May.  Further details will be sent round later.  However, for now please note that the previously advertised SLM Foraging Walk will not take place on the same day and has been moved to the following Sunday 1st June.-
DALSTON CURVE GARDEN - on March 1st there is a launch of "Digital Place" a community tool system from 11 to 4pm.  This would also provide a good opportunity to visit the garden, which was under discussion this week at a special meeting in Stoke Newington Town Hall, on the proposals to re-develop the shopping centre, which will have a negative effect on the current lovely space.
WALTHAM FOREST F.o.E group are having their first wildflower meadow planting day of the spring at Kitchener Park Walthamstow on Saturday 29 March and second wildflower planting day in Lloyd Park, Walthamstow on Saturday 26 April, in association with the council and The Conservation Volunteers. Further details from 
WALTHAM FOREST VOLUNTARY ACTION - are organising the Voluntary Sector Forum meeting, which is an opportunity  for all voluntary and community organisation to meet with the Councillors and Council Officers to find out what is going on in the borough on Tuesday 4 March see. 
PHOTO COMPETITION REMINDER - you have until midnight tonight (Friday) to enter the SLM competition.

NEXT SLM MEETING - MONDAY 10 MARCH AT 7.00 at the Princess of Wales pub on Lea Bridge Road - all welcome

P.M. (Post Munch) - for ideas on meals from your (non-exploitative) foraging see 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Queen Elizabeth Park

The site the London 2012 Olympics was held on has been remodeled and will shortly be opening as the 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Lee Valley Leisure Trust

To Stella Creasey MP
MP for Walthamstow Constituency including Lea Bridge Ward Leyton

Dear Stella

Has the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority approached or consulted you about its decision this week in relation to the setting up a Trust to run its intended income-generating assets? What has been your attitude to it? I have grave concerns about the implications of that decision, especially on the LVRPA's continued capacity to properly steward the green open spaces of our Borough, in particular the areas of Leyton Marsh and Walthamstow Marsh that are in your constituency. The issue is not just to do with the balancing of financial books now, under the pressure of the Olympic 'legacy', it's about the temptation to turn more Metropolitan Open Land, activities, premises etc over to the Trust to run in future. In particular, regarding the stated intention of LVRPA to turn Lea Bridge Road into a "Destination" (see their EC papers dating back two years), I am greatly concerned that there could be encroachment running from the huge and totally inappropriate Essex Wharf blocks of flats all the way down to the re-opened Lea Bridge Station - making it a continuous built-up area with an enlarged ice rink, a hotel etc, any bits inbetween being covered by more of the massive advertising hoardings. If you recall when you were our Lea Bridge Ward Councillor some years ago you supported an (unsuccessful) campaign to get LVRPA to stop felling and pollarding the willows and to remove the massive hoarding they had newly erected which concealed the green screen of tall trees bordering the Flood Relief Channel.

The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority was originally set up to steward the land as a "green lung" for north and east London. Times are very different now, but peoples' needs for a healthy environment remain the same, and the requirements for proper preservation of wildlife habitats and the promotion of biodiversity have hugely increased. The LVRPA is under financial pressure due to the all-London levy issue coupled with the Olympic asset inheritance, and I wonder therefore what you have discussed with your fellow LVRPA-constituency MPs for instance John Cryer, Diane Abbot and others eg the Waltham Forest Council, the GLA? We cannot let this slip through our fingers.

Lastly, could I ask you to see if you can help your fellow Labour Party councillors in Lea Bridge Ward, who without explanation have so far failed to hold the normal Community Ward Forum meeting since December. This is a disgrace. Local residents have not been able to be informed of or discuss these hugely important matters relating to a large area in their Ward.

Thankyou for your kind attention, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Weiss
E10 7AR 

Blackhorse Area Action Plan

Blackhorse Area Action Plan

AAP for the rest of the massive site immediately beside the Walthamstow Wetlands reservoirs is out to consultation today.
Hyperlink below.

There are also boxes of background documentation in Planning Dept at Sycamore House, LBWF Town Hall complex, Forest Road (bus 275 from W'stow Central stn), for theseriously keen or just plain suspicious!
Let's at least make a fuss about height, bulk, massing, appearance, effect on views of & from & through the Lea Valley, light spillage, and environmental impact on the sensitive UN-designated World Wetlands Site (which is supposed to be protected under the Ramsar Convention).
Let's also demand again that LBWF must restore the ban (dropped from the old UDP to allow a 7-storey element in Leyton Orient's Matchroom Stadium) on heights above 5 storeys adjacent to MOL!
The international designation of the adjacent wetlands site means anyone can comment, not just local residents.
Please pass this on!
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Subject: Waltham Forest: New event available
Sent: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 9:00:25 AM 

Dear Katy Andrews

Notifcation of Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan Submission will be available for
you to view between the following dates:

Start date: 28/02/14 09:00

End date: 14/03/14 17:00

Please select the following link to view this event:

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