Sunday, 10 August 2014

Crossrail 2

Dear all,

Please find the update I have received from Neil Bullen at LBWF regarding the proposed route of CrossRail.
It's good that any possible threats to the SSSI and to the Lea Bridge Station now seem to be discounted at this stage in the consultation.

However I still think that Waltham Forest is missing out not getting a link to Cross Rail.

Thankyou to Stella and Councillors for having raised this matter with LBWF.

Claire Weiss

> From:

> Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2014 15:46:11 +0000
Dear Claire
> Thank you for your recent query.
> The alignment for the new Crossrail 2 line has changed. In the earlier proposal, the line from Hackney came into Waltham Forest with a tunnel portal (where the line emerges from underground) likely to be somewhere in the Lea Bridge area.
> However, in the latest Transport for London consultation, the route alignment has changed and does not come into Waltham Forest at all. After leaving Hackney, the line turns north and emerges from tunnel just before Tottenham Hale station in the London Borough of Haringey. It therefore has no effect on the SSSI in Waltham Forest.
> The revised alignment will also have no effect on the reopening of Lea Bridge Station.

> Kind regards

> Neil Bullen
> Manager Transport Planning
> London Borough of Waltham Forest

SLM Weekly Digest - 1-8-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes - a group of local people in the Lea Valley who came together over the building of the Olympic Basketball Training Facility on Leyton Marsh in 2012 as the Save Leyton Marsh Campaign and have since continued as Save Lea Marshes to work towards further threats to the marshes and green spaces in the area.  Please see our website for news of our work, links with other campaigns and our new sales page which helps to fundraise our work.
This is a short digest - I have lack of time this week.  Issues that continue to be tackled by correspondence and discussed have included use of the Olympic Development Authority (ODA) by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority e.g. the commission of a sculpture on Leyton Marsh.  Responses have been received to Freedom of Information Requests (FOI's), indicating that the LVRPA think that they have consulted but didn't get enough feedback from the local community...  So obviously, they would like even more correspondence about what people don't like...  The first sculpture "workshop" will take place on 3 August as part of the Haystack Event.
FUNDRAISING - as mentioned last week, members of SLM went to a local pub quiz and were successful again with winning First Prize - the pot of takings for our funds.  Sadly, there were only two other teams, so the winnings amounted to about £25.00.
PETITIONS OF THE WEEK - First, more news this week of the Government's Fracking ideas.  Whilst some sites might be protected, their is a lot of less protected greens that might be up for grabs.  If you want to let Mr. Cameron and his government to know how strongly you feel about this issue go to
Second, the UK Parks petition "Save Our Parks" - protect and invest in the UK's green spaces;  help prevent parks slide into decline and make parks a general election issue.  Support and publicise   For further information go to
Linked to the above it is "Love Parks Week" - there is a "Save our Parks Picnic" at Parliament Victoria Tower Gardens, Millbank SWI (south side, behind the H. of P. and 5 minutes from Westminster Underground Station).  Sunday 3 August from 12 - 3 p.m.  Bring food and drink to share.
Next meeting of SLM - open to all - will be at the Hare & Hounds,  Lea Bridge Road, Leyton at 7.30 p.m. on Monday  11 August.

Save Our Partks

National Federation of Parks and Green SpacesAmplifying the voices of the Friends Groups' 

Please forward to all your members, contacts, family, friends, neighbours and colleagues....
UK Parks PetitionSAVE OUR PARKS! Protect and invest in the UK’s green spaces-  Help prevent the slide into crisis
-  Let's make parks a general election issue in 2015

Please support and publicise to everyone in the UK
Click here to sign:
Parks and green spaces are an essential and unique resource and service, vital to every local community and serving a wide range of important needs for people of all ages and interests. However, the June 2014 'State of UK Public Parks' report documented the alarming slide into a long-term crisis being caused by the underfunding of the UK's parks. We are now at a tipping point. It is up to all those who know and care to raise their voices together.

The inspirational rise of the Friends Groups movement over the last 15 years (with now over 5,000 groups), and the hard work and expertise of green space staff, managers and professionals, has demonstrated the commitment of the public and all those who love parks. We believe that there must now be an equivalent recognition and commitment from the political parties and the next Government in 2015. Let's make this an election issue! 

Please help get as many signatures as you can...

1. Sign the petition: Spread the news via Twitter: @LoveParks_Week  #LoveParks
3. Spread the news via Facebook: - and
4. Refer to the Parks Petition webpage:
5. Download and take round a Sign Up Sheet: Download and hand out leaflets:
Please spread the word far and wide!

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Click here to sign: 

SAVE OUR PARKS! Protect and invest in the UK’s green spaces -  Help prevent the slide into crisis 
The next Government, in 2015, must:
- hold a national inquiry into the funding and management of the UK's green spaces
- bring in a statutory duty to monitor and manage these spaces to Green Flag Award standard
- ensure adequate public resources for all green spaces

We call for all political parties to include these policies in their election manifestos.

Our local green spaces are vital for everyone and every community, and for all age groups and interests!  They are an essential and unique service promoting relaxation, recreation and play, wildlife and bio-diversity, green jobs and skills, heritage, flood control, health and social well-being, and community cohesion.

However, there is growing alarm from the public, from Friends of Parks groups, and from parks managers, about the serious long-term damage being caused by dramatic cuts to green space budgets for staff and maintenance, and the lack of funding and investment by local and national government. If not reversed, this neglect will cause them to go into decline and become problem spaces abandoned by park users and plagued by vandalism.

This unfolding slide into crisis must be halted. It's time for action.