Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beating The Bounds

Subject: Beating the Bounds

NLLDC, despite Joe's message, have decided - or so I was told on Thursday evening - to perambulate only Leyton Marshes south of Lea Bridge Road (described as "family-friendly") on 25th May, and not the part north of LB Rd, which was really the crucial reason originally for continuing the traditional event annually.

I was also told SLM had liaised with NLLDC and would also not be organising any perambulation to the north of Lea Bridge Road, in which case the towpath would not have any opportunity to be beaten anyway.

Perhaps this can all be discussed and clarified on Monday evg.

If it is helpful, I have recently found out that the Bounds had to be perambulated at least every 12 years in the case of Walthamstow Parish.

Leyton seem to have made an annual perambulation of the Walthamstow Slip, but presumably this obligation could have been carried out less often in respect of the Parish Boundary as a whole.

Both Parishes carried out their Perambulations on Ascension Day (the Thursday after Rogation Sunday, the three days between being Rogationtide).

However, my researches continue as fast as I can plough through the 18th century manuscript Perambulation Records at the VH Museum!

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