Thursday, 27 March 2014

SLM Digest 21-3-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes.  A group of local people in the Lea Valley are concerned with keeping the marshes wildlife and people friendly.  See our website

Firstly, apologies for the Gremlins last week.  The little blighters sent out the digest to some people at least three times, whilst others didn't get it at all!  

I'd like to say that it hasn't been a busy week, but yet again, lots going on:

TIP - OFF !  Following up on last week's story of the travellers who moved on to East Marsh from Mabley Green - there were about 17 tonnes of waste costing Hackney Council £5,200 to clear.  I gather Facebook and Twitter have been hot on this topic.  None of us are anti-traveller but these particular people did leave a lot of mess behind.  Apart from not wanting to see waste dumped, SLM's main concern on this issue was the fact that the Marshes are far easier to access by vehicle than they used to be and that this will lead to more of this kind of thing.

EAST MARSH GATE - thanks to the stirling work of an SLM member, who complained that new pathways on East Marsh leading to the canal had been carried out without proper legislation being followed, has received an apology from Hackney Council officials, who say they will put some of the construction right.

MESSING ABOUT WITH THE BOATS - two related issues that have been pinging between inboxes the most this week are the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority's cutting back of the vegatation on the towpath near Leyton Marsh/Oxbow Lake and the erstwhile rumour which seems to have materialised into fact about plans to change the mooring system at that part of the River Lea.  Discussions over privatisation and who exactly owns or doesn't own the land as it currently stands (the shape of Oxbow has changed, making a difference to the marked area), currently abound as do differing views on the matter.  We've put a write up on the website  and there will be a meeting of local boaters on 19 April.  This is an important issue as it affects people's floating homes, the tradition of the waterways, encroaching privatisation and not least the condition of the marshland.  We will return to this subject in future digests.

MILLFIELDS - there was an A.G.M. meeting of the Millfields User's Group last Sunday.  A point of contention was the idea of cutting down the conifers that surround the tennis courts as part of a list of other changes.  Tennis players for and wildlife enthusiasts generally against.

MARSH LANE FIELDS - another recent on line discussion was the new kids play area near the newly revamped bridge (too far).  Most are agreed that the bridge was a huge and unecessary waste of money and that the renaming of the park area not really welcomed but it seems that the play area is proving popular amongst local families and heaven knows, kids do need space to play, its just unfortunate that more building develoments don't  include one as part of planning and that inevitably this encroaches on to other increasingly rare green spaces.


The Open Evening of the SLM Photo Competition Exhibition takes place on Wednesday 9 April at  6.00 p.m. at the Waterworks on Lea Bridge Road.  There is coverage of this in this week's "Hackney Gazette" about this event and the future venues.

There is a launch of the new Waltham Forest common community resource project running out of the Community Room of Lea Bridge Library -  which as grown out of work with The Mill in partnership with Waltham Forest Council.  To be known asThe Bridge.  It is Saturday (tomorrow) 22 March between 1-3 p.m.  All welcome.

Wildfood Walk - A walk with local expert Joan.  This will take place on Sunday 19 April at 2.00 p.m. starting off at Lee Valley Ice Rink, progressing along the River Lea towpath and finish at Springfield Park Cafe.

Lea Bridge Surgery meeting - (long ovedue), will be discussing important issues about developments around the Lea Bridge Road, including the proposed reopening of the disused railway station.  At Lea Bridge Library E.10 also tomorrowSaturday 22 March from 10-11 a.m.

Big Dig - our friends at the Dalston Curve Garden are taking part in "The Big Dig" - also tomorrow 22 March in two sessions 12-2 p.m. and 3-5 p.m.  No need to book just turn up in sensible shoes and clothes.  Future gardening sessions and children's play sessions also in the pipeline.

Next SLM meeting - Monday 24 March - 7.30 at the Hare & Hounds pub, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton.  All welcome.

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