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SLM Digest 1-10-15


SLM Weekly Digest

Keep Our Marshes Open and Green!

We start this digest announcing the launch of a twitter account you are going to want to follow and get your followers to follow http://@tfortysix
What's a tfortysix when its at home?  Well, this is the number of the tree on Hackney Marshes that is the real embodiment of those famous lines the Joni Mitchell song "they took all the trees and put 'em a tree museum - then they charged the people a dollar and a half just to seem em.." and, "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot!"  We want to save this tree and not see it sacrificed for the sake of walking a few metres and to save the marshes from more exposure to noxious fumes (which thanks to Volkswagen), we all know are more than we've previously been told about.

HAMPSTEAD HUFF - hotfoot news from one of our group who happened to go out for a relaxing walk across Hampstead Heath last week and came back with higher blood pressure than when she left, thanks to the current Dam (Damn?) Project.  Well I never, it involves Atkins (who were also involved in the Olympic Basketball Training Facility and AECOM.  To sign the petition go to

NEW HEIGHTS - news of piecemeal plans for tower blocs on the Northern Olympic Fringe.  The first of several planned developments at Bywaters near Ruckholt Road and what is being referred to as 97 Lea Bridge Road, are being discussed at the London Borough of Waltham Forest Planning Committee on Tuesday 6 October (go if you can).  Further details

and for huge new housing developments will bring almost 1000 homes to Leyton

ICE-SURRENDER - you have probably heard the news by now but if you haven't, great news as SHELL has abandoned its plans to drill more in the Artic see


Anyone who missed the BBC4 programme at 9.00 on Wednesday night - "Dark Side of the Greens" about Golf Development resorts, should reach for the IPlayer or wait until the BBC recycling unit shows it again (warning: contains images of Donald Trump!).

Front page of the Hackney Gazette this week:  "Three arrested for daylight shooting:  Moses Fadairo was brutally gunned down in Chatsworth Road". Our thoughts and condolences are with his family.  I was about to board a 308 bus when the emergency helicopter landed in Millfields Park in a haze of fumes.  Then a crew ran off in the direction of Chatsworth Road.  At first, I thought it was a training exercise but later as the bus progressed along the road, it was all too obvious that something really serious had occurred.  See also, letter of the week on p.20 "Silver Trees mansion would be a useless white elephant", from a local Oxfordhisre resident raising the issue of Hackney Council's proposal to buy a £1.25 mansion in the middle of the Oxford green belt to provide country breaks for troubled teenagers has run into serious problems... and on p.4 "Park staff praised for 'incredible' Green Flag achievement", as the highest-ever number of Green flags are awarded for the boroughs green spaces - including Hackney Marshes (wonder if they'll hang on to that one?)

Nationally, The Guardian has on p.1 & 10 a feature on "Realistic test finds more diesel cars that pollute"
and also an interesting feature in G2 on the forthcoming charge for plastic bags pp.6-8.  Apparently, they make up 2 per cent of our litter on land and in the sea with other forms of plastic being more dangerous to seabirds...

Evening Standard p.13 on Monday "Khan:  I'll turn capital into first National City Park" (Can he do it?  Yes, he Khan!).

EVENTS (and "core" events as the apple gets celebrated in October ...).
Our friends at Hedge Herbs are running a Herbal Walk at Wanstead Flats on Saturday 3 October.  Meet outside the "All You Read is Love" bookshop/cafe, at 877 Leytonstone High Road E11 1HR.  Please book in advance. Cost £5 per person.  Contact Rasheeqa on 07784506494.

Saturday 10 October from 11.00- 4.00 p.m. Apple Day at Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow Village - enjoy music, treats and celebrate all things apple.  Apple celebrations continue on Sunday at the Learning Lodge, Pimp Hall, Chingford  and Hedge Herbs are also organising an Autumn Herb Walk at Tower Hamlets Cem., Southern Grove, cost £8/£5 for concs. Details from Rasheeqa on the above number or see website Hedge Herbs, Hedge Herbs on Facebook or Twittering Hedge.

Mabley Green Users Group are also bobbing up with a few apple and other events - there is a Big Apple event (free for all the family) on 24 October from 12.00 - 3.00 p.m. on Mabley Green and, if you are quick, tomorrow (Friday), there is a Make Your Own Herbal Cosmetics Event with Cordwainers College from
3.30-5.30 p.m. on Kingsmead Estate (near Runnymede House).  Details of these events and others can be gained on the Groundwork website or via the Mabley Green website

Next SLM Meeting - Monday 5 October at 7.30 at the Princess of Wales pub, Lea Bridge Road, E5. We usually gather at the roadside end of the pub beyond the quizzers..all welcome.

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