Saturday, 5 April 2014

SLM Weekly Digest 26-3-14

This is the weekly digest of the Save Lea Marshes Campaign (SLM).  We are an open group of local people in the Lea Valley area, trying to keep the marshes green and nature rich for people to enjoy.  This week's digest is a little earlier than usual and a little briefer, due to other commitments.  However, there is no lack of things going on - quite the contrary!  Do look at the SLM website  (you know it makes sense!).
MOORINGS DEBACLE -  rumours that have been swirling around for a while have now surfaced, with the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority notifying some boaters and not others of proposed changes to the moorings near Essex Wharf/Oxbow Island.  This is why the towpath has been cleared of vegetation etc.  Representatives of the boating fraternity attended SLM's regular meeting on Monday night, where we agreed  support and to having a wider debate at a meeting to be arranged locally on Sunday 6 April.  This is not only part of increasing stabs of privatisation but also, we think, ill-thought through and not in keeping with the LVRPA's statutes.  There is a full statement stating the case on our website   An interesting reference to look at is 
ALL HALE HELL.. - most of the redevelopment plans at Tottenham Hale got approval this week.  However, there is still time to object to plans over the Hale Wharf section of the development.  Even the LVRPA have raised concerns about the impact on the regional park and the wetlands (so it must be bad).  There was an "arts" feature in Tuesday's Evening Standard called "Tottenham Turnaround" pp-36-37.  
CAMPING WITHOUT GLAMPING - we have been awaiting news of a licence for the "campsite" established last year to thunderous applause (not) and overwhelming use (not), on the old Golf Course, next to the Waterworks Café.  We seem to recall this was a necessary part of the planning application passed by London Borough of Waltham Forest.  Ho Hum!
DEBRIS OR NOT DEBRIS - SLM members have noted a lot of debris on the east bank of the Lea Navigation, downstream of King's Head Bridge, near the Ice Centre - in the river and on the bank.  A complaint has been lobbed at the LVRPA, whose responsibility it evidently is.
BEATING THE BOUNDS - coming soon (25 May), keep the date in your diary - there just may be some added attractions this year...
PHOTO EXHIBITION - opening on the first week of April and officially launched on 9 April.  Do come along to the Waterworks Café and have a look at the amazing photographs, showing just how much we love the marshes.

NEXT SLM MEETING - back at the Hackney venue (we alternate between Hackney and Waltham Forest), the Princess of Wales at 7.00 p.m. on Monday 7 April, all welcome.  Even if you can't make our meetings, keep vigilant whilst you are out on the marshes and let us know of any issues.

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