Monday, 3 March 2014

Blackhorse Area Action Plan

Blackhorse Area Action Plan

AAP for the rest of the massive site immediately beside the Walthamstow Wetlands reservoirs is out to consultation today.
Hyperlink below.

There are also boxes of background documentation in Planning Dept at Sycamore House, LBWF Town Hall complex, Forest Road (bus 275 from W'stow Central stn), for theseriously keen or just plain suspicious!
Let's at least make a fuss about height, bulk, massing, appearance, effect on views of & from & through the Lea Valley, light spillage, and environmental impact on the sensitive UN-designated World Wetlands Site (which is supposed to be protected under the Ramsar Convention).
Let's also demand again that LBWF must restore the ban (dropped from the old UDP to allow a 7-storey element in Leyton Orient's Matchroom Stadium) on heights above 5 storeys adjacent to MOL!
The international designation of the adjacent wetlands site means anyone can comment, not just local residents.
Please pass this on!
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