Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Triangle

Dear Barry Buitakent

Thank you for your email dated 20 August about an area of land that appears to have been fenced off by Network Rail without notice or consultation. I have been unable to find any reference to the name “King Alfred’s Triangle”, but I believe that you were referring to a triangular-shaped piece of land completely surrounded by railway lines. The area of land shown in the attached jpeg. This is in High Street ward in Waltham Forest.

We have spoken to Network Rail and Lee Valley Regional Park Authority about this but have not yet received an explanation of the new fence or whether it is temporary or permanent.  What we have established is that Lee Valley Regional Park is currently in talks with Network Rail about a lease of this area of land to Lee Valley Park with  the intention of adding it to the land they currently own or licence in the area. Lee Valley Park plans to allow public access to the land subject to their rangers being happy that health and safety conditions are met. We are continuing to press Network Rail for an explanation of the reasons for the new fence and will write to you again when we have further information.


Tobias Newland
Transport Planner
Planning Policy and Regeneration
Waltham Forest Town Hall, Sycamore House (Room G08)
Forest Road
Walthamstow E17 4JF,
Tel: 020 8496 6780

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