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It's nearing the end of 2014 and it's the last from us until 2015!
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SLM Weekly Digest

Keep Our Marshes Open and Green!

This is the Festive Edition of the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes – a campaign group trying to keep the local marshes and green spaces of the Lea Valley thriving with wildlife and enjoyed by people for many years to come.  Please see our

We have now sold out of all of our calendars (hurrah!) but recommend the stunning Tree Musketeers’ calendar and have added details of where to get one to our website for those looking for a good alternative.
Topics in Santa’s Green Sack this week include:

PLANNING WATCH (1) – we have received news that the PINS Inquiry concerning the car parks and sports pavilion on Hackney Marshes will begin at 10.00 a.m. on 16th June at the Hackney Marshes Centre in Homerton Road E9 5PF.  Anyone who has requested to speak and/or give evidence has been sent guidance on how to prepare and give their evidence.

PLANNING WATCH (2) – The next Hackney Planning Sub Committee is on Wednesday 14 January and there will be an additional meeting on Monday 19th January but this is expected to be a pre-application meeting.  We do not know the date that the issue above will be presented yet and whether it will be before the PINS Inquiry or not.

HOGGIN – the dreaded, unnecessary, hoggin path on Leyton Marsh moorings has been partially completed; damage has been reported including tyre marks next to the path.  We would like people to take photos.

BRR, BRR –  this relates not to the cold winter but to the sound issue from the Ice Rink.  We have received news (for which thanks), that a barrier has now been installed by the refrigeration unit, which has partially reduced the noise level for those living nearby and on Leyton Marsh.  This is reported as “an improvement” and that a buzzing sound is still audible.

IN THE PRESS – this week’s Hackney Gazette has a story “Fight to save canal buildings returns” by Emma Bartholomew, p. 7 concerning local campaigners trying to save the heritage of Regents Canal, with a scheme for a Hoxton building in what has been dubbed a “hit and run” development. Also in the Hackney Gazette is a special Anniversary Feature on the Changing Face of Hackney pp.12-13, with some historical facts and pictures of the various Hackney villages.  It is a bit sad that the picture illustrating Clapton was of the Lea Bridge Roundabout in 1973, when it could have been many other more positive images e.g. a picture of one of the oldest cinema buildings in the country ...  In last week’s Sunday Times (14.12.14) page 9 was an interesting article “Co2 behind Britain’s winter deluges”, concerning a group of scientists who have concluded that climate change is having a direct effect on our weather.

The annual “Apple Yowling” event will be taking place on Saturday 17 January at the Ferry Boat Inn, 1 Forest Road, near Tottenham Hale Station and on the bus routes of the 123 and 230.  For the uninitiated, this is a traditional event held at the Winter Solstice period to celebrate green growth and fruits, particularly apples and an occasion of mirth and merriment.

Next SLM meeting will be Monday 12th January at the Princess of Wales, Lea Bridge Road.  We are taking a Christmas break from meetings and doing the digest but those of us who are around will be out and about keeping an eye on the marshes and will report anything urgent.

We wish all our readers and their families a Happy Seasonal Holiday and a greener 2015!

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