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SLM Weekly Digest - 1/5/14

HAPPY MAY DAY - HOPE YOU DON'T GET TOO WET DANCING AROUND THE MAYPOLE!  This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes - an open group of local people trying to keep the Lea Valley and other local green spaces as a haven for wildlife and a place of discovery and enjoyment for local people.  See our website
SIG(H)NS OF THE TIMES - we have found out that planning permission has been granted to change the signs in the Middlesex Filter Beds, including those on walls and gates and the wooden "finger pointing" posts.  We are sad to learn that the latter will be replaced by metal posts and less in keeping with the environmental surroundings.
MILLFIELDS LESS WILD - the corn marigolds have been replaced by grass seed  restored back to amenity grassland - why?
PATHWAYS TO .. - London Borough of Hackney have set their requirement to have East Marsh restored to 11 match-ready adult pitches and path and cycle ways to link up with QEOP (Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - if you can bear to call it that).  The target set for the London Legacy Development Corporation is to have the pitches ready by Autumn 2014/15 but some of the changes ready in the next four weeks.  SLM questions why it has not been possible to allow proper access to walkers (particularly as the original restoration date is well past its sell by), when" lumpen"  machines are running roughshod over the land already.  Also, as we have stated in the past, the pathways are overkill - it looks like they are expecting the Roman legions of yore, to move from the QEOP to the marshlands.  Further details can be seen
FROM PITCHES TO RICHES?  - Many of Hackney's football pitches are leased from GLL see an article about why charges might prevent another David Beckham from emerging from Lea Valley talent 
WALTHAMSTOW WETLANDS -  plans that have been around for nearly three years have now been presented as an application to Waltham Forest Council concerning redevelopment of the Marine Engine House, Coppermill building and associated bridge at 2 Forest Road E17 to restore and convert buildings for volunteering and visitor use of the Walthamstow Wetlands.  You have until tomorrow (2 May) to put any objections to LBWF.
PEOPLE'S BOOKPRIZE - "Marshland" by Gareth E. Rees has been nominated - last chance to vote for our local fave.http://www.people' 
You can not only vote for the book above but also walk the book.  The Stamford Hill Adult Reading Group are setting off tomorrow  2 May, at 12 noon from Spring Hill to the Olympic Park, via Springfield Marina, across the bridge and onward for a two hour walk with readings from "Marshlands" on the way, finishing up at the Anchor & Hope.  Bring suitable clothes and shoes, plus snacks to share.  There will be an opportunity to eat at a café in the Olympic Park if preferred.  Anyone, who would like to join in along the way, rather than at the start, should let Joan know 07908398905.
Beating the bounds - a traditional tracing of the boundaries of the Lammas Lands as they were in 1837 - takes place onSunday 25 May.  There is a two stage start:  Meet at 12 Noon for lunch with willow stripping (all will be explained..) at the Hare & Hounds Pub in Leyton, then the start of the walk from the Princess of Wales car park by Lea Bridge.  There will then be a walk around Leyton marshes of about two miles (the route isn't difficult but not recommended for extra big baby buggies).  An extended part of the walk will then take place into some of the more difficult areas.  Wear suitable shoes and clothing and bring water with you.
Lecture "Our Urban Green Spaces - how communities have mobilised to protect and improve them", is being presented by News from Nowhere club at the Epicentre, West Street, Leytonstone, E11 4LJ at 8.00 p.m.  on Saturday 10 May.  All welcome with a donation towards foot.  Further information from  or 0208 555 5248
London Tree Week - is 24-31 May - events are being put up on the website but just go hug a tree anyway.
Mabley Green are having a seeding day on 10 May from 11.a.m. - volunteers suitably kitted out, welcome - it will take place on the bit of the land south of the A12 Flyover.  A preparation session is also happening on 6 May at 7.00 p.m.  There is also a chance to see the planning application No. 2014/1029 on website for the edible park and sports area.
Our friends at Hedge Herbs, have a number of events coming up, including participation in the new look café at the Hornbeam from 10 to 4 coffee to lunch and 5 to 8 p.m. with Norman Cooks (the new chefs) and OrganicLea also involved.  As well as eats, there will be music and jolly-ness.  Contact 
Next SLM meeting - we'll be at the Princess of Wales, Lea Bridge Road on Bank Holiday Monday - gathering from 7.00, but we might start the meeting a little later.  All welcome.

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