Tuesday, 1 July 2014

UK Parks Report

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Update: UK Parks Report, the NFPGS and the petition

To NFPGS core contacts

Myself and Sarah (NFPGS Chair) have received an embargoed advance copy of the Heritage Lottery Fund's 'State of UK Parks' report, due out next week on 26th June. See our initial response, below. Its an important document that we hope will have a high profile and influence. 

The vital role of Friends Groups for our green spaces is a feature of the report. 437 Friends Groups responded to the NFPGS appeal to take part in the survey carried out for the Report. A key conclusion / action point in the report (which we can't quote yet) is a call for support for the NFPGS. As soon as we get a chance to circulate the report we will do so, and we hope you will be able to pass it on to all your contacts.

Our petition, very soon to be promoted in partnership with KBT (exact launch date still under discussion, watch this space!), will be a clear, positive, strategic response - by those who care about parks - to the report's review of the ever-unfolding UK crisis. Let's all get ready to help to systematically promote it far and wide, every way we can, throughout the next few weeks and months!

best wishes

Dave Morris
NFPGS Campaigns Officer

" This report on the alarming long-term crisis being caused by the underfunding of the UK's parks, so vital to every local community, is a shocking wake-up call which clearly necessitates immediate and effective national action. The inspirational rise of the Friends Groups movement over the last 15 years has demonstrated the commitment of the public. We are now demanding an equivalent commitment from the Government to ensure adequate public resources for all green spaces, a statutory duty to manage these spaces to decent (Green Flag Awards) standards, and a national inquiry into these matters. "   
Sarah Royal and Dave Morris, National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces

UK Parks Report

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