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SLM Weekly Digest 25-7-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes,  an open group of local people in the Lea Valley area concerned with the welfare of the diversity of species that inhabit the marsh lands and green spaces around and ensuring that local people have a voice in keeping green space, open, free and in good bio-diverse condition.
This week - heat-waves, thunderous downpours and a narrow miss of the earth by sun activity that could have taken us back to the 18th century (according to internet news).  Nationally and locally these are some of the other events that have been hitting the on-line sphere.  Firstly two bits of national news.
GREEN BLOB - environmental groups being referred to as a "green blob" by the outgoing Environmental Secretary, Owen Patterson, is not an issue to be sneezed at.   Complaining that the Green Party and other green bodies don't represent the people, off he goes to join Nigel Lawson's climate change deniers..
CRONEYISM - Wednesday's Guardian 23 July, p.10 reports that the new chair of the Environment Agency, is Sir Philip Dilley, a former business adviser to David Cameron and previous chairman of Arup, a firm which has undertaken work for the fracking company Cuadrilla.  According to the article he will net a salary of £100,000 for a three day week (nice), whilst being an impartial chair advising on whether Cuardrilla will get drilling rights or should that be "wrongs".
ON ENGLAND'S PLEASANT MABLEY GREEN - having been postponed from the beginning of the month, the date has been set for the 30 July for the London Borough of Hackney Planning Sub Committee will now consider its report on Mabley Green All Weather Sports Pitch; Edible Park, play area ...  It is a long and detailed report, which also includes mention again of the plans for the pavilion on Hackney Marshes as part of an on-going overall idea to "create a world class sport, health and wellbeing hub" - enough said!  The Mabley Green Users Group have complained to LBH about its failure to inform them again of the report going to committee and not listing its objections regarding the all weather pitch.  To see the report go to 
CROSS RAIL 2  CONTINUED - we have received information that the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority has commented on the Consultation Options to the effect that it broadly supports Cross Rail 2, recognising the improvement to transport services.  However, it also recognises that it could adversely affect access to the park.  The Authority says it could not support any scheme which would result in an incursion into the SSSI and wishes to be contacted directly in the future.  This is reasonably encouraging news at this stage.  The consultation closes tonight...
OXBOW VISIT - L.B .Hackney Councillor Ian Rathbone, organised a visit with three officials from the Canals and River Trust (CaRT) and a local resident - the LVRPA were also invited but didn't turn up- to take an informative walk around the area and discuss concerns including weed control.  CaRT seemed reluctant to meet the cost of removing the land bridge connected to the Kings Head Bridge due to the cost estimated at between £25-35k and said that recent spraying of pesticide on the bridge was to prevent further damage to the bridge.  
RUBBISH SCULPTURE - this item, as mentioned last week, continues to be a subject of correspondence, largely around the consultation issues.
Walthamstow Garden Party 26-27 July at Lloyd Park, behind William Morris Gardens.  With assistance from the Barbican - this free event including music from the Brand New Heavies, will be taking place see  We have also heard that following action fromWaltham Forest 4 Dogs, this event will be open to dogs under the proper control of their owners and also resulting from this, LBWF have drawn up new guidelines about the notification of what events can and cannot admit dogs and their proper care.
News from Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group concerning a chance to view and comment on plans for 38-40 Upper Clapton Road, E5 known as "The Tramshed".  This is being organised by Mapify Upper Clapton Hackshop Upper Clapton Ltd and Voist - see on 30-31 July 2-8 p.m. at the Round Chapel, Lower Clapton Road E5.  Locals will know that this site, formerly as the name suggests a tram depot but latterly as a place for small businesses, artists and some live-in workspace has been under threat of the usual kind of "shove em up, put in as many as possible.." kind of housing development, despite it being designated by LBH as a "Priority Employment Area".  There were several goes at getting the development through the Planning Committee and local campaigners wanted to establish the Clapton Arts Trust in this heritage building.  Now, plans by new owners, the site ,( which stands empty of former gallery space and small businesses), can be viewed at these sessions.  Wednesday could be a busy night for Claptonites going to this and then on to the Planning Sub Committee ...
Nothing to do with the .. marshes - except that those of you who have viewed our sales webpage, might have spotted three guys modelling our campaign tee shirts (sadly a size too small!) - this is the internationally known a cappella folk band Coope, Boyes and Simpson, who will be performing as part of an In Flanders Fields Peace Concert at Kings Place (The Guardian Building), York Way, N1 on Monday 25 August tickets available from  For more details of the band and their music go to 
Save Lea Marshes regular fortnightly open meeting won't be happening as usual this week - we're going to be putting up a team at a local Quiz night, to hopefully win funds for our campaign coffers.  The next meeting will probably be the following Monday but we'll keep you informed.
AND FINALLY - following our request to ask readers to write a complaint to the LVRPA about the hoggin path plans last week, it has been suggested that we provide a "model template" for you to use and/or adapt.  I had hoped to send it out as an attachment to the digest but we're just doing the final "dotting the i's and crossing the t's and will send it out to the digest list as soon as possible.

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