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SLM Weekly Digest - 20-2-14

This is the weekly digest of the Save Lea Marshes campaign.  We are an open group of local people from the Lea Valley Area, seeking to keep our local green spaces as bio-diverse and people friendly as possible.

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi continue, it is interesting to experience de ja vu and  see further evidence of the "Olympic Legacy" continuing with the arrest of an environmentalist who opposed the siting of the games, followed by members of "Pussy Riot" being attacked for trying to sing an anti Putin song under an Olympic advertising banner. Meanwhile back on the London 2012 site:

MARSH LANE ALLOTMENTS - if you cast your mind back to the pre-Olympic scene of the destruction of the Allotments on the Olympic site and the subsequent relocation of the allotment folk to Marsh Lane - the next chapter is continuing with a plan by the London Legacy Development Corporation/London Borough of Waltham Forest and Lee Valley Regional Park Authority running roughshod over planning procedures and ignoring objections to a plan due to go to the LLDC on 25 February, which would push through a new access route and meadow.  For further information see the report   Also, the Mayor of Hackney seems to be backing the plan despite the waiting list for allotments in Hackney being closed since 2008.  See 

HOUSING AT OLYMPIC PARK - there is also a story p.6 in this week's "Hackney Gazette" on the rapid reduction on the amount of affordable housing being allocated in the former Olympic area.  In East Wick, the percentage will drop from 38 to 29 per cent and in the Queen Elizabeth Park, a spokesman for the LLDC says they are: "totally committed to providing new homes in and around the Queen Elizabeth Park .. we expect to build up to 1,400 homes per year and our site-wide target remains for more than a third, 35 per cent, to be affordable homes."

F.O.I.'s and correspondence - SLM members are continuing correspondence with the London Boroughs of Hackney and Waltham Forest and the LVRPA on various planning matters - these include looking into the LVRPA's Bye Laws pending the committee later this month that will consider setting up a new trust to manage its leisure interests and looking into the management of the LVRPA's management of the SSSI on Walthamstow Marshes in line with its responsibilities as laid by Natural England.

BIRKBECK  MANAGEMENT OF WILDLIFE HABITAT LECTURES - from Friday 28 February, at 6.30 , when the first of a series of lectures organised by Birkbeck, the Ecology and Conservation Studies Society and the Linnean Society of London, will see David Bullock, Head of Nature Conservation, National Trust give the first lecture and ask those attending to vote for three topics from a list for the next sessions.  For more information see the following link

WEED KILLER - a  number of SLM members attended a meeting with the Head of Environmental Services in Hackney this week, kindly organised by Hackney Lea Bridge Ward Councillor Ian Rathbone (to whom grateful thanks are extended), regarding the use of Glyposate weed killer on Hackney's streets.  This meeting resulted in some positive outcomes:  LBH will monitor the outsourced company Weed Free, more carefully to ensure that greater health and safety is observed and blanket spraying avoided; alternatives will be looked into including a new product to be launched in two weeks and we will be kept informed of any changes and research which supports the position of Friends of the Earth.

SUSTRANS TUNNEL - whilst we have got off fairly lightly in the recent deluge(s) compared to the South of the Thames and parts further South West, the walking and bike access under the Lea Bridge Road, has been very waterlogged.  Pumping has taken place but we hear that it is still a bit wet under there and worth avoiding for the moment.

LVRPA WORKSHOP - a reminder that this will be taking place from 1-3 p.m. at the Waterworks Café - agenda items include Grassland Management of Walthamstow Marshes; Park watch Scheme and starting a newsletter.  However, I am sure that members of the public will want to talk about the LVRPA's plans for setting up a new trust ...

PHOTO COMPETITION - reminder that the SLM "What I love About the Marshes" photo competition comes to a close at Midnight on 28 February 2014.  So get clicking! Further information see

NEXT MEETING - Firstly, apologies for citing the wrong location for the meeting, which was subsequently postponed.  We will be meeting this coming Monday 24th at the Hare and Hounds, Lea Bridge Road.

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