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SLM Digest 29-11-15

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes – an open group of people living in the Lea Valley area who come together to discuss and respond to issues concerning the preservation of green spaces for wildlife and people under threat from unnecessary development.  Our website is

This week we can announce that our fabulous 2016 Calendar, featuring more photographs from our “What I love About the Marshes” photo competition in 2014.  We had so many beautiful photographs that we wanted to have a means of showing them; demonstrating what a beautiful place the Marshes are and helping to raise funds for SLM.  The calendar is available on our website above and thanks to our friends in the Tree Musketeers, it will be stocked in local shops too.  Tree Musketeers produce their own beautiful calendars every two years, so we will produce ours in opposite years from now on. Order yours from:

On line conversation has been dominated this week by Mini Holland and the changes to the Lea Bridge Road and especially the lack of information and confused information about consultation in both Waltham Forest and Hackney.  Before going into the why’s and wherefores I would mention first that this Saturday evening a crane will be lifting a bridge into place, where the strange “ziggurat” steps have been erected near the underpass tunnel leading to the marshes – therefore traffic will be diverted to the usual diversion route in Hackney, up Chatsworth Road, to Homerton Road and Eastway plus some side streets (and in reverse).  This means hell, particularly if the work runs on into Sunday, when the Chatsworth Road Market is in process.  More hell is expected when a second bridge is to be installed by the reopened Lea Bridge Station, now expected to be in May 2016.  No mention of this work is given in the on-line TFL alert that I receive weekly.

Now, the confusion about the consultation processes.   Firstly, whether or not Hackney Council has been consulted regarding the works affecting Hackney residents.  Hackney Lea Bridge Councillor Ian Rathbone, thinks not and is on the case.  Meanwhile, a Waltham Forest resident on the W.F. Mini Holland Stakeholder’s Group recalls that the issue was raised some time ago re. the Hackney/W.F. Lea Bridge first section.  W.F. officers say that Hackney officers had submitted correspondence to W.F. officers.  This representative also pointed out that the cycle lanes on the northern side of the Lea Bridge Road/LVRP frontage are taking place on Highway Authority land.  The original plan was to widen the road. 

Secondly, there is the issue whether or not Section A of the Lea Bridge Road (Hackney Boundary to Lammas Road, was open to residents of Hackney.  This area also affects residents of Waltham Forest who are also concerned about the effects on them.  Transport for London has only recently contacted certain residents over the plans.  One part of their consultation process has already closed and the next area (which particularly affects Hackney residents, closes on 2 December.  Local residents have been writing to Cllr. Loakes, the councillor with responsibility for the scheme in Waltham Forest and have also written to Jeanette Arnold.  They are also urging and inviting others to campaign to get the TFL consultations left open until 31 December.
I hope this is a reasonable summary of what is going on to date and is a story to be continued...

OLYMPIC OPPOSITION FILM – as most of you know, SLM was formed when the Olympic’s came to Leyton Marsh and built a £5m, barely used “temporary” basket ball training facility – which has left  still visible scars on the land as well as in the hearts and minds of local people.  Back in June, we had discussions with a representative from a group in Chicago, opposing the Olympics and thankfully that bid did not come to pass.  But lo, now there is another bid for Hamburg to be a future Olympic host and Marlene, a filmmaker from Hamburg, came hotfoot a couple of months ago to talk to representatives of SLM again.  This film can now be seen on:
Stars are born...

STOP MESSIN’ ABOUT WITH THE THAMES – The Council for the Protection of Rural England has launched a call for all the Mayoral Candidates for London to “stop selling off the historic Arcadian Thames”, which they say is under threat as a result of the Government’s new liberal national planning policy and are requesting that candidates make sure planning policies are aimed at protecting London’s historic and green assets.  To view the report  go to:
There is also a press release on the website.


The main event this week is today's People’s March for Climate Change, Justice and Jobs on Sunday.  Sustainable Hackney are meeting at Down Street, W1 at 12.30pm if you would like to join them there.  SLM will also be represented at the march with our new banner.  The march has been organised to be fun and family friendly.  Let’s hope that the important and linked issues are truly supported by lots of people particularly ahead of the Conference in Paris and at a time our Parliament discusses stepping up the war.

Next meeting of SLM  is at 7.30pm on Monday 30 November at the Princess of Wales pub, in Lea Bridge Road – all welcome.  Also come and see our stall on Saturday 12 December from 11.00am to 3.00 p.m. when we will be selling our 2016 calendar and other merchandise...  Our stall will be supporting Abney Park and to cover SLM basic costs.
P.S. FORGET “BLACK FRIDAY” – make it green instead ... 

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