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SLM Weekly Digest 4-3-14

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes.  We're a group of people local to the Lea Valley who are trying to surmount the enormous task of trying to keep local green spaces vibrant, green and healthy for local wildlife and people.  Do look at our Website 
Firstly, as I had to produce this digest a bit earlier last week, I missed coverage in both the "Hackney Gazette" and "Waltham Forest Guardian" relating to our campaigning over the planned sports pavilion in Hackney and the Leyton Marsh boating and land stripping issues in Waltham Forest.
This weekend the newly "reborn" Olympic Park rises again.  There was a very good article in this Thursday's "The Guardian" by Oliver Wainwright p.11, critical of the architecture of Stratford and the way the new park was more an adjunct of Westfield Shopping City than of the rest of local area.  Interesting picture of children's play area accompanying it - with wooden posts very familiar to anyone who lives near the Lea Bridge Roundabout in Hackney, where there are similar posts.  We can only guess that these posts may be used to execute protesters who object to such "landscaping"!  There is further coverage in another pull-out in the "Hackney Gazette this week for anyone who is interested...
BOATERS - since last week's SLM Digest, the proposed meeting on the 6 April has been cancelled.  There was a meeting on Wednesday evening organised by the boaters.  Some people have signed up to new arrangements, whereas others haven't had the offer.  However, SLM activists are still following up on the main issue of whether the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority are legally entitled to have issued these mooring changes in the first place and whether they have proof of ownership of the Leyton Marsh stretch of the river.  There is also the question of the towpath itself - which should be considered as a right of way and not have any obstructions.
NESTING BIRDS RISKED - alarmingly, scrub and vegetation along Orient Way from the southern end of Mash Lane Fields up to Marsh Lane was spotted recently.  SLM members investigated, being particularly concerned because it is nesting season such work should not be carried out under the 1981 Countryside Act.  The Aboricultural and Wildlife Officer of L.B. Waltham Forest was contacted and said that anyone seeing similar work being carried out - particularly during nesting season should ask the contractor (when it is safe to speak to them i.e. when they are not operating machines), whether they have a "Site Specific Risk Assessment".  In this particular incidence, we understand that the firm carrying out the work is a newly appointed contractor and that the work was requested by the local Police, due to allegations of people living rough in the area.  Thanks Plod!
CLIP-CLOP ... sound of horses hooves ride again.  LVRPA are advertising trekking "around" Leyton Marsh, we do not know whether this means within the confines of the Riding Stables or on the rest of the M.O.L. land.  SLM have made enquiries, particularly on behalf of dog walkers.  It has also been noticed that certain access routes have been cleared with pathways seemingly wider than usual....  Meanwhile, no mention of riding in Waterworks Centre area....
Talking of the Waterworks Centre - the "What I Love About the Marshes", Photo Exhibition is now up there and there will be the official open evening this coming Wednesday.  Can't wait to see all the fabulous photos that I've been hearing about....
HedgeHerb events - if you are quick you might like to attend and event happing tonight at Ye Old Rose & Crown from 7.00 p.m. with various singing and poetry going on.  Sunday 6th there is also an event at Vestry House Museum, 2-3 Vestry Lane, with a talk by a medical herbalist.  More events coming up too.  Contact 
Beating the Bounds is happening on Sunday 25 May in the afternoon meeting outside Princess Of Wales and the Sunday after their is an organised foraging walk taking place led by Joan.  (Will update on both these events nearer the time).

NEXT SLM MEETING - 7 April at 7.00 at the Princess of Wales, Lea Bridge Road - new people always welcomed

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