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SLM Weekly Digest 26-3-15


This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes – an open group of local people concerned to keep the Lea Valley and other local green spaces in good condition for wildlife and local people to enjoy for many years to come.  To find out more about our work, please see our website
DOWN MEMORY PLANE – spending some time in a library this week I came across a book “The East End Then and Now”, edited by Winston G Ramsey published 1997, in it there was a story taken from the “Stratford Express” 1963, about Leyton Marshes:  “ East London may have its own airport by 1970.  It would be on Leyton Marshes and would provide an air-link with the main commercial centres in Britain and on the continent.  The idea originally came from Walthamstow Chamber of Commerce, who put it to councils in east and north London and the Transport Ministry.  The Ministry has approved the project, but says that the local authorities must share the cost.”  A narrow escape!  This just predates the formation of the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.
ALONE RANGER – we hear this week from the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), that popular ranger Gavin Johnson, will be leaving the authority in early April.  Whilst, SLM has its ups and downs over issues with the LVRPA, everyone has a good word to say about Gavin.  So we will miss him and wish him well.
IN THE PRESS – we’ll start over in Waltham Forest this week – one story is that the local Walthamstow MP, Stella Creasy has won the award as “Best Constituency Tweeter”, under the 2015 Political Twitter Awards.  Stella also features in another story about the delayed opening of the Lea Bridge Railway Station..   In Hackney, there are two related and contrasting stories concerning Hackney Council and its green credentials.  On the front page of the “Hackney Gazette”, Emma Bartholomew has a story headlined £42m channelled into dirty energy”, following a Freedom of Information (FOI), request on Hackney Council pension investments in 22 different oil coal and gas companies.  Contrast that with a story on Hackney Council’s “green project wins national award”, concerning a council eco project to cut pollution around Tech City.   The borough of Hackney also features in Wednesday’s “Evening Standard”.  On page 29, “I’m being driven out of Hackney by arty types; garage boss attacks waves of hipster bars and restaurants.  Having already lost an estimated £28k due to the “no-go-zone” during the time of the Olympics, a motor boss repair owner is being forced out by hikes in rent.  This he puts down to the increasing trendiness of the Hackney Wick area but it would seem that the real culprits are the property companies who know that they can get more profits..  This theme is followed up in the “Homes and Property” Feature pp.6-7 which features “Fish Island” – as “Stratford’s last colony..” by David Spittles.
PETITIONS OF THE WEEK – we have been sent a plea from someone in the Gondar Gardens area of Camden, where further proposed development would threaten an SSSI reservoir site, to find out more and sign up go to
Also, if the General Election is on your mind, Greenpeace are advising people to check their local candidates stance on fracking go to
SAVED – if you want evidence of how petitions can work positively, we hear via Voluntary Action Waltham Forest, that the petition we presented last week “Community Transport Door-to-Door Service”, can survive being cut.
Waltham Forest Cultivate Festival – happening over nine days until 29th March, featuring events, free composting and much more (or should that be “mulch”), drawing attention to greening and local produce in the borough.  For more information go to
Also in Waltham Forest on Saturday 28 March, there is the Urban Herbal Street Party being held at the Hornbeam Cafe in Hoe Street.  For more information go to
Millfields Users Group is having a “walkabout AGM” this Saturday 3.00 p.m., 28 March.  Great  idea.

Next SLM meeting – due to the Bank Holiday, we’ll be meeting in the usual place, The Princess of Wales, Lea Bridge Road at 7.30 on Monday April 13.  There will also be no Weekly Digest next week. 

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