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This is the weekly digest of the Save Lea Marshes Campaign.  We are a group of people living in the Lea Valley area concerned that the lovely green marshlands and spaces that we enjoy are maintained and kept for future generations of wildlife and people to enjoy.  To find about more about our work, current activities and buy our fundraising merchandise go to http://www.saveleamarshes.org.uk/
Although we are in the season of merry fruitfulness and Halloween ghoulishness, the weather is unusually warm and I have seen two tortoiseshell butterflies on separate occasions this week.  Here’s a round-up of current stories and internet discussion ...

SPOOKY NO SHOW FOR PAVILION REPORT – SLM were expecting that Hackney Council might have put a report up on the Hackney Marsh North Pavilion plans for its November Planning Committee.  It is not on the next agenda, so we wait and continue to work on our arguments.

TOMBS-DAY? – I am greatly saddened to report that the Stokey Local Campaign’s case taken to the High Court against the building development set to overshadow Abney Park Cemetery, in Hackney, has been given the “thumbs down” by the judge Mrs (in) Justice Paterson in her written judgement last Friday on both grounds of challenge to the development scheme.  You can read the full ghoulish story in this week’s Hackney Gazette on p.2.  However, I do want to draw your attention to the shortfall in legal costs, that the group have incurred and really need some support on – to donate go towww.stokeylocal.org.uk.  There is also a meeting on Monday 3 November at 7. P.m. at St.Paul’s Church, West Hackney in Stoke Newington Road, to discuss the ruling. 

BACK OF A BOX IDEA – also featured on p.2 of Hackney Gazette is a story about Hackney Council in partnership with the Charity Groundwork, putting up giant white cubes in local parks (Hoxton Square, Mark Street Gardens and Hackney Road Recreation Ground), for people who live and work near Hackney Parks to have their say on how these spaces could be re-imagined.  The idea is that you write your suggestions on the cubes.  Hmmn. This could be a good idea but could also be another way to make money out of local parks – suggest we get to these parks and scribble about keeping parks as spaces for nature and places of quiet and exercise for local people...  You can also email your thoughts topackhack@groundwork.org.uk or tweet with the hashtag #parkhack.  Oh, and this has been funded with a £90,000 grant from Nesta.

HERBICIDE WATCH – this week’s Waltham Forest Guardian has a story about herbicide use leaking into someone’s garden see

HAVE YOUR SAY 1. – our friends at Sustainable Hackney have drawn up a draft response (following the recent “Big Green Pow Wow), to Hackney’s Transport Plans.  There is still time to make any points either email viainfo@sustainablehackney.co.uk or go to the survey on the website http://sustainablehackney.org.uk/?xgsource=msg  2. If you live in the Waltham Forest area, the local Friends of the Earth group want to hear from you about what green issues you would like followed up e.g. solar panels in schools or more natural green spaces.  You can sign up for their newsletter on their website http://www.foeuk/groups/walthamforest


Bit short on news of events this week but if you would like to join us on our Halloween “We’re Batting for Hackney”, Bat Walk (fancy dress as a bat optional) on Friday 31 October, we’ll be gathering at about 7.30 at the Old Sports Pavilion on Hackney North Marsh (near the Cow Bridge), and probably going in the direction of the Waterworks Centre to start off with.  Bring binoculars if you have any.  We are aiming to see how many species of bat we can see.
Next SLM meeting – we’ll be having a quick discussion and then taking part in the Monday night quiz at the Crooked Billet in Upper Clapton Road, from 7.30, to raise funds for our campaign coffers.

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