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SLM Digest 10-3-16

Save Lea Marshes is an open group of  local people concerned to keep the marshes and green spaces of the Lea Valley open and green for wildlife and local people.  For further information go to

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SLM Weekly Digest

Keep Our Marshes Open and Green!

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes – an open group of people living in the Lea Valley area who come together to try and keep the marshes and other green spaces as places for wildlife to thrive and people to enjoy.  To find out more about our work, please see our website

ENCOURAGING NOISES – not just the mating cries of the local urban foxes in the early hours but a positive response from Eamonn Lawlor, the South Ranger for the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), to a recent enquiry from SLM about the plight of the hedgehogs and other small mammals in the Lea Valley.  More research work is going to be done and volunteer help sought to help gather information and measure how populations are doing.   This may take some time but Eamonn would like people to let him and colleagues know of any sightings or information.  He says there is some data that can be found on  on Millfields Park.  There is also some progress on the Underpass Art Project being organised by the RARA group with up-coming workshops that will beautify the underpass near the Waterworks Centre.  SLM and the other members  of the working party are requesting that more contacts are made with relevant local groups in both Waltham Forest and Hackney before things are fully finalised.  We’ll keep you updated.

EAST MARSH – members of SLM have been putting in a lot of work towards creating a biodiverse habitat area on the site of the car park, getting the gates removed and small electric bollards installed instead.  As reported last week, we still have some reservations about maintenance vehicles and soil compaction but in view of the composition of the made ground, we have agreed to see works go ahead, providing that there is regular monitoring to ensure that compaction does not mean the site is unsuccessful, thus paving the way for more car parking or a football stadium.

PETITIONS OF THE WEEK -  “Kick Glyphosate out of Europe!”  Perhaps exclamation mark overuse but when you learn that one in three loaves of bread chomped down by U.K. citizens contains Monsanto’s branded name “Round-up”, with all its non-health producing properties, it does make you want to reach for one. To join others to try and stop Monsanto getting another 15 years of licence to use this product in Europe, you can join the Global Justice Now Campaign on Twitter or Facebook or contact them on 0207 820 4900.  They are also asking people to write to the Secretary of State for Rural Affairs, Liz Truss with your objections. Take action now to kick glyphosate out of Europe.

Tell George Osborne where he can put his nuclear plant at Hinkley Point and recommend he looks at greener, safer and surprise, surprise, cheaper options.  Make your views known via

WALTHAMSTOW WETLANDS - work is beginning on the site with boardwalks and car parking being constructed first, with work on the engine room building following.  The creation of reedbeds, it is hoped, will encourage the bittern and other bird life back to the wetlands. Rachel is the new Community Organiser in place and she can be contacted   Tours on local history, wetland wanderings and bat walks are being arranged.  Local groups encouraged to request. See the new for further details.

IN THE PRESS – the Waltham Forest Guardian has a story regarding a proposal for a new swimming pool, health centre and housing for over 55’s on the Roundhill site of Waltham’s Cross green space.  This should leave some recreational and sports space left on the site   I thought this was worth including because it is an example of compromising green space.  Over on the Olympic site, latest proposals were featured in this Tuesday’s Evening Standard  Looks like lots of concrete and “lolly pop” trees by the waterside again folks!  Sunday’s Observer  6.3.16 pp.14-15 “Now stree view putting wild Britain on the web” about a project teaming up Walk Unlimited with Google featuring some of the most scenic trails in England and Wales.  Catch it while it’s still there ...

Our friends at Sustainable Hackney have a new newsletter out featuring news of the Hackney Fixer’s Restart Party on Saturday March 12, which includes clothing repair and also an invite to anyone interested in attending their regular monthly steering group meetings – the next one is on March 30 from 7.00-9.00 p.m. at the Rhodes Estate Community Hall in Hackney.  To find out more go to

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, Dalston Lane, just opposite the Overground station, continues to be an important part of the community in Dalston, this Sunday 13th March there is a chance to be part of The Quilt Garden, a project led by textile artist Katherine May in the Pineapple House from 2.00-5.00 p.m. – no need to book and no sewing experience necessary.  There is also a walk at 3.00 p.m. around the garden.

The next  SLM meeting at 7.30pm Monday 14 March at the Princess of Wales pub, Lea Bridge Road.  New people welcomed.

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