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SLM Digest 5-2-16

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SLM Weekly Digest

Keep Our Marshes Open and Green!

This week, spring has been in the air and anyone that has fancied a walk around Hackney Marshes would soon be aware of the green open spaces being marred by tyre tracks extending from the path edges and in places across the green.

SLM has been in touch with Hackney Parks Dept. concerning increasing private car access and the deep tracks left by Council vehicles.  One of our correspondents received a reply to his complaint about lack of bollards on the path at the Hackney Marshes Centre leading to the marsh.  Tyre tracks are clearly swerving around on the grass to avoid the bollard in the middle of the path.  His complaint also included seeing an assumed private car driving around the perimeter path.  This, he was told was an employee going about his job in a private car.

A second email with photos on similar issues address to the Parks Department was returned by Hackney’s email system, because it was too big.  As copies were sent to others who received it, it begs the question of how does the Council’s system cope with developers sending in planned document?  We are however, pleased to report that metal folding bollards have been placed on the path near Cow Bridge.
  • ICE RINK – SLM will continue to fight against significant development and no development on MoL and will be pursuing with the Lea Valley Regional Parks Authority whether it is possible to consider land which isn’t MoL.  We are also pushing for the LVRPA to hold a proper consultation and ensure that local people are aware of what’s involved by following up with our contacts and kindred organisations.
  • NORTHERN AREA OLYMPIC FRINGE AREA ACTION PLAN – SLM are following up on the validity of this plan versus current proposed developments.
  • LEA BRIDGE ROAD DEVELOPMENTS – 97 Lea Bridge Road is part of the current industrial area near Arygll Way.  300 are planned including 3 x 18 storey tower blocks that will be visable from Leyton Marsh.  Height and lift pollution are key issues and there is a Facebook Group that is actively discussing it.  Plans can be viewed  and the Planning Application number is 158384. The viewpoint of an active local resident is available on our blog:
  • Thames Water Site – SLM is writing Freedom of Information requests to the Department of Education and the London Borough of Waltham Forest to find out how the proposed Free School was given a green light...
  • CRICKET SCREENS – SLM representatives have been in discussion with a representative from Stoke Newington Cricket Club regarding the storage of large cricket screens.  We will support the Cricket Club in getting the screens stored by Hackney Council in their depot when not in use, because the marsh should be open and accessible to all.  This is because the design of the Cricket Pavilion has not included appropriate space in the building to house them and the ECB, who contributed funding to the project are saying that having the screens is a requirement for league matches.  It is a great pity we didn’t know this at the time of the PINS Inquiry last year.  We predict that there will be further problems....
WALKING INTO HISTORY – SLM has received a request from a Waltham Forest local resident and PhD student from the Royal Holloway University and funded by a scholarship and an Arts Grant from LBWF, who is looking for volunteers to take a walk with her across Walthamstow Marshes to share their thoughts, memories and knowledge of the Marsh.  With respondent’s permission this will form part of her research and also be placed in the Archives of Vestry House in Walthamstow.  Anyone interested should contact 
IN THE PRESS – In Waltham Forest the recently established Waltham Forest Echo has its 11th issue out on line and is also being distributed around the borough for the first time.  Articles include a update on Walthamstow Wetlands plans.   We have missed the timing for the monthly editorial meeting when members of the public can pitch ideas to the editorial staff but the next deadline for copy is 18 February.

The W.F. Guardian has a report about the proposed Labour candidate for the London Assembly requesting the Civil Aviation Authority carry out a noise impact assessment for the changed flight path from London City Airport.  The new path is over Leyton, Leytonstone and Walthamstow.

Over in Hackney, Private Eye has a story on p.21 about the condition of St. Mary’s Lodge in Lordship Road Hackney.  It was a handsome villa built around 1843 but was withdrawn from Auction and sold at lower than the market value and has since been resold.  In 2014, a petition to Save St Mary’s Lodge attracted the second highest number of signatures, alas to no avail..

The Hackney Gazette has a front page story:  “Fury over scheme for killer junction” about the proposed Transport for London revamp for a deadly junction replacing traffic lights with a roundabout.  This follows the death of an elderly woman in 2011 and other accidents at the junction in Lower Clapton Road and Urswick Road.  (This is also the area near close to a planned Free School).
There is a Lea Bridge Ward Councillors meeting with the public at 6.30pm in Leyton Library on Wednesday 10 February which will include discussions on latest planning issues and the following day, 11 February at 7pm in the St. John’s Ambulance Hall in Mildenhall Road, Hackney E5, in Hackney’s Lea Bridge Ward, there will be a forum discussing housing and rental issues and an update on policing by local officers.  Under A.O.B. a local SLM member will also talk about the effects of Waltham Forest’s plans could affect Hackney residents sharing the borough boundary.
Open City (formerly Open House) has news of upcoming events, including a “Walking Tour of the Olypmic Park and beyond, which includes “Olympicoplis”, plans for large cultural institutions.  11.00 a.m. Saturday 20 February.  Cost £25.50. 
Next SLM meeting will be at the Princess of Wales pub in Lea Bridge Road on Monday 15 February at 7.30 p.m.  New people welcome.
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