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SLM Digest 9-7-15

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SLM Weekly Digest

Keep Our Marshes Open and Green!

This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes.  We are an open group of people living in the Lea Valley area committed to keeping local marshes and green spaces free of potential building threats and in good condition for wildlife and local people to enjoy for generations to come.  To find out more about our work please see our website

From an unofficial, noisy, damaging and out of control music and quad bike event in North Millfields last week, this week, thankfully, is relatively quiet (so far) news-wise in the area...

IN THE PRESS -under cover of the budget, the Tories are trying to put the clock back on the decision to ban fox hunting.  David Cameron is planning to hold a vote on relaxing the foxhunting ban next Thursday, in a move that is likely to be successful only if the Scottish National Party decides not to take part in the debate.  The prime minister will stop short of offering a vote to repeal the ban, promised in the Tory manifesto by offering a (so called), compromise solution in which hunters could use a pack of dogs to flush out foxes before shooting them.  Coverage p.13 & p.32 of The Guardian 9 July 2015

Full Redbridge Council debate over controversial high rise housing of up to 12 storey (reduced from 15 – usual developer’s trick!) in the central area of South Woodford.  The South Woodford Society achieved the necessary 1,500 signatures in a petition to the council.

Leyton Festival Organisers involved in Transition Leytonstone are facing a shortfall of £15,000 in their funding for a festival with over 170 events.  They acknowledge cuts in Council spending but say more should be spent in the community rather than Waltham Forest Council’s own extravaganzas.

PETITIONS OF THE WEEK – the London Borough of Hackney are planning to change the Wick Road in E9 from a one-way to a two-way system, narrowing footpaths and removing the cycle lane and creating more road traffic (and pollution).  Consultation closes on 11 July.  To sign the petition against,  go to:

or for more information go to

Over in Waltham Forest – the digest reported a few months ago – about the plans for a women’s centre in St. James Street – for more information go  or see the consultation details  at
Further afield Team 4 Nature has a rallying cry for help to save an area in Halesowen see

The first-ever arts and culture festival in Higham Place, Walthamstow, has been brought together by the community, Xylonite Arts  and Higham’s Park Planning Group - Arts and Cultural Group is underway from 9 to 26 July.  There are more than 50 artists and businesses involved, with exhibitions and events including the Fete on 11 July from 11- 4.00 p.m.  Further details

If you fancy a trip across The Thames, the London Wildlife Trust have a number of events happening in the Sydenham Hill Wood and surrounding areas in South London from 3 to 19 July  they are also conducting a stag beetle survey see

Get in touch with nature and help wildlife by making a forest garden and learn more about low-maintenance poly-culture.   This is a qualification course, which takes place Monday 12 July from 9 a.m. at Finsbury Park Nursery, Green Lanes.   To book:  07733330379.

NEXT SLM MEETING – MONDAY 22 JULY 2015 at the Princess of Wales pub, Lea Bridge Road, E5.  All welcome. 

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