Friday, 13 February 2015


This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes.  We are an open group of people living in the Lea Valley area, trying to tackle the loss and quality of green space on the marshes and nearby.  We care passionately about maintaining the land as a green oasis for wildlife, for local people and future generations to come.  To find out more about our work, please visit our website

As we wait to see whether the forecasted snow will be real or a vast media exaggeration as in New York State, remember the birds in your garden or on your balcony that might be in need of extra food during the cold weather spell.  I found a nice idea in “Style at Home” magazine that I thought was worth sharing:   Melt 100g of lard and mix in 250 bird seed, pack into a pastry cutter (heart shape looks really good for Valentine’s Day), make a hole with a knitting needle, skewer, put in the fridge overnight.  Thread string or ribbon through the hole, remove cutter/ or leave if you prefer and hang up.  In our mix this week...
FILTER BEDS – one bit of good news is that, water has been pumped into the reed bed sites in the Wildlife Area by Hackney Marshes, for the first time in ages.  You might remember that before the fish sculptures disappeared, there were areas of water .. now restored.
WETLANDS LINK – if you would like to support the London Wildlife Trust’s bid to establish a wetland to wetland cycle route you can go to

A BETTER SORT OF TWEET – a report from a Lea Valley Park Ranger, that Stonechat birds have been spotted on the fencing, in the cattle grazing area of Walthamstow Marshes.

LATEST ON FRACKING – see http://theguardian.cons/environment;2015/Jan/26/Conservatives-u-turn-fracking-  the Conservatives back down over National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and excavation near sources of drinking water.  Bill has to go to the House of Lords, so perhaps we can hope for some other positive changes.

Time for a another reminder about the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority’s February workshop which takes place at the Waterworks, Lea Bridge Road from 1-3 p.m. , 22 February.  We would like lots of people to turn up and give their views, particularly as the new signage boards put up by the LVRPA don’t seem to be carrying information about this event yet.  By the way, any views on the new signage boards that have gone up on Leyton Marsh, and the Filter Beds?  Some of us think they are a bit obtrusive.
The Edge Fund are organising their “Grassroots Fundraiser Party” with a variety of speakers from Jeremy Corbyn MP to the Focus E15 group, plus, music, poetry (including Benjamin Zephania), food and drink.  Saturday 31 January, 18.00 to 22.30 p.m., at the Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Road, N7 8RH.  Caledonian Road tube station.  Tickets

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