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This is the Weekly Digest of Save Lea Marshes.  SLM is a group of people in the Lea Valley area working to keep the local marshes and other green space – open, sustainable and free for wildlife and people.  Please visit our for further information and for ordering our merchandise to help fund our voluntary work. A new calendar will be on the site next week!

There is an absence of major new stories this week but SLM members are continuing to “beaver” away getting information; preparing for forthcoming local authority meetings as well as, the Planning Inspectorate next year, when it will be looking at the proposals to build new car parks and a new sports pavilion on currently green Metropolitan Open Land by Hackney Council.  We also continue to tackle other issues, as previously reported, such as the plans to build a hoggin path alongside Sandy Lane by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

If there is a theme this week, then it is the overall future of our parklands and green spaces.  I would suggest for those of you who haven’t already seen it, to read the Observer Review Section published last Sunday 19 October pages 8-11 which has a feature by Rowan Moore “We need to Talk About The Green Belt” to get an overview of the current arguments that abound.  There was also an excellent feature on last Saturday’s Robert Elm’s Show on BBC Radio London, talking about London’s parks, centred on Victoria Park in East London being voted favourite Park – so do check the BBC iPlayer for that.

On the theme of the above, there is an all day (9.30-5.00 p.m.) “Sustainable Green Infrastructure” Conference, at the British Library on 23 October.  SLM have got to hear about this through our participation in the London Parks and Green Spaces Association.  Further information can be gained from or the Green and Social  There are lots of different organisations represented and a wide range of topics focusing on greening the economy and the sustainable living agenda.

Mabley Green Edible Park is starting to plant a forest of edible plants this Saturday 25 October at 11.00 a.m. (see article in this week’s Hackney Gazette).  Meet at the Tree Nursery, entrance of Marsh Centre Car Park, Homerton Road E9.

Secondary Modern – there is a talk by ex-Councillor for Bow, Mark Taylor about his recent trip to Cuba and in particular about how community centres known as CDRs operate there on Tuesday 28 October 7.00-9.00 p.m. at the Nye Bevan Community Centre, Nye Bevan Estate, Homerton Road E5 0AQ.  To RSVP contact Siraj

Secondary Modern is an initiative that seeks to take estates beyond housing and build real communities.  Its ethos is to share – ideas, subjects to talk about, food, drink... sounds like something really worth getting involved with.

Meanwhile, over at Dalston’s Curve Garden, Dalston Lane, Hackney (another hub of activity), there are some seasonal pumpkin sculpturing going on – making lanterns on Saturday 25 October (1.00-5.00pm) and Sunday (1.00-4.00pm), followed by a Lantern Show on Sunday at 5.30pm until late.  Activities are free but donations welcomed.  There will also be half-term activities going on next week from 2.00-4.00 p.m. every day – again these are free but with donations.   You can also vote for the garden in the “Time Out” “Love London Awards”, E8 section 

Last, but by no means least – SLM are organising a Halloween Bat Walk on Friday 31 October meeting at the Old Changing Rooms, by Cow Bridge on Hackney North Marsh at 7.30pm.  We’ll be aiming to see if we can spot any bats.. Fancy dress (as a bat) optional..  Just turn up, if you fancy a night-time walk on the witching night.

Next SLM Meeting will be (note different venue) at 7.30 at the Crooked Billet pub, Upper Clapton Road on Monday 3 November.  If we know by then, the date of the LBH planning meeting to discuss the North Marshes Pavilion is imminent we’ll be having an ordinary meeting.  If not, then we will take part in the weekly quiz there instead, with a view to fundraising.

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